Drilling Deep Holes? Here Are 5 Things To Keep in Mind

Every driller looks at the deep drilling as an opportunity to drill the portion with their stuff to showcase what they have got. Now you will ask what is considered as deep drilling holes?

According to most of the drillers, if the hole is deeper than 1,500 meters then it is known as deep drilling holes. While performing drilling, one requires a lot of dedication and concentration as it is a really complicated task. And whenever someone makes a mistake in drilling the right hole then they need to spend a lot of time and money. With the help of core drilling, you can drill various surface types. It is one of the most efficient drilling methods that offers incredible advantages.

To make the drilling process more effective and efficient, we are here with several things to keep in mind while going for drilling deep holes.

Here are Five Things to Keep in Mind While Performing Drilling Deep Holes:

Go Slow and Bring The Best

Drilling deep holes is a tough and complicated process. One needs to be more precise to witness quality outcomes. This will help you in getting the perfect drill hole and also reduce the number of pullouts. You require patience and dedication when you need to drill a deep hole. Going slow will help you to decide the precise drilling and when you are 200% sure, you hit the drill. When the hole is deep, you require more concentration, the 100-meter drill is disgusting and when it is 1500 meter then it is going to be frustrating. The deeper it is, the more concentration and preciseness you need.

Do Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Your Equipment

To get the perfect hole, you require the right equipment to witness exceptional outcomes. Make sure you inspect your equipment regularly such as the parts of the inner tube, core spring, core case, joints, bearings, latch, spearhead, sure lock and ball, and pins. Keep your equipment clean and lubricated so that it works efficiently while drilling the hole and offers you precise outcomes. So, next time when you go for core drilling make sure you keep you inspecting and provide proper maintenance to your equipment.

Prevent Deviation

When you are going to deep drill the hole, what matters is that you get the best outcomes. The deeper the drill, the more chances that you witness deviation. You can work on prevention and get the right result, it is cheaper, whereas getting the wrong hole is much costlier and motivating. Make sure you give you 100 per cent to cure the chances of deviation to witness better outcomes.

Get Better Advantages With Higher Crowns

The final goals of every driller are to reduce the pull-outs and witness exceptional outcomes. Choosing the 20mm or 26mm crowns will help you in achieving your goal and provide you with excellent results. You can opt for the higher crown after getting detailed information about the ground you are going to drill. Make sure the first hole can be finished efficiently but the second hole might be more difficult for you.

Get Additives

You need to use a mud program for core drilling or deep drilling. Check the type of ground you are going to drill and use the right polymer and the addition of drilling fluid additives accordingly. If it is sand ground then you can use a sand drill or if it is for clay then use the different one. So, make sure you use additives to witness quality outcomes in your next drilling project.

Wrapping Up

Core drilling or deep drilling is a very complicated job, which requires precise dedication and understanding to bring the finest results. Make sure whenever you are going to drill, you keep the above-discussed points in mind to witness quality results. From providing the right maintenance and inspection, adding activities, preventing deviation, are some of the most important points that you need to keep in mind to get accurate outcomes. Choose the right core bit and understand the ground efficiently and you are all set to get the best results.

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