Dressing Style for the Pear Shaped Body

Most of the women have pear shaped figure. It means that the widest measurement of your body is below your waist. Whether you are skinny, heavy, short, or tall you have a pear shaped figure. It is important to find out what types of clothes will suit your body. Your first goal is to balance your hips and shoulders. Always choose the dark and slim bottoms like jeans or slacks if you are a pear. As a pear, carefully select the tops such as color tops and print tops. A flared pant with an attractive top looks awesome on pear shaped body. Catch the Riva Fashion discount code right now and see the latest addition in the women’s wear at this store. Here we write some useful suggestions for pear shaped ladies that how they improve their look.

Go for Simple, Customized Lines on the Bottom:

Always choose the fine tailored flat front pants. If you want to wear skirts, then select the A line skirt with a beautiful top. Don’t use pleats, side pockets, or anything that is bold and vigilant. Choose belt that is slim and match with your pant. Because wide belt catch more attraction and prominent the area you want to hide. Prefer the tops that are below the waist line as it covers unnecessary area if you have a certain pear shaped figure.

Select Jeans that is wider at the Bottom:

A flared jean at the bottom prevents the eye away from your hips and gives a flat look to your body. Don’t wear the Capri or tapered jeans because it catches more attraction and definitely shows your pear shaped look. If you want to purchase these pants or jeans then use riva fashion discount code. Also keep an eye on coupon.ae to obtain the discounts on all clothing and apparels.

Always Choose Tunic Tops or Dresses:

Tunic tops are large in length and can fit your body properly. These tops are easy to wear and give you ultimate comfort and hide your bolder parts. Choose the one that gives a clean, longer, and camouflage everything underneath. It is a great way to look more stunning if you are a pear woman.

Wear Jackets:

The use of jackets can solve pear shaped body problems. These jackets have a stunning neckline and give more space to the shoulders. Always purchase the one that ends at your hips, not above them. You can also try a blazer which also covers the hip area.

Work on your Upper Body:

Find dresses, shirts, or tops that offer a darling neckline and draws all the attraction on your upper body. In this way, you can keep hide your lower part from preying eyes. Jewelry plays an important role in this matter. Wear a long necklace that also enhances your beauty and maintains focus on your upper body. Upgrading your wardrobe collection will never disappoint you as you have riva fashion discount code. This store offers clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you can purchase anything to improve your pear shaped look.

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