Dosage of Agnus Castus

Dosage of Agnus Castus

Dosage of Agnus Castus/Chasteberry/Vitex to decrease prolactine and maybe improve ED

Natural remedies are used by males to improve their sexual health. Some males do not prefer chemicals to push blood flow into the sexual organ for a penile erection. They prefer natural or herbal products to enhance their sexual health.

Several herbs and extracts from plants are used to treat various sexual diseases and deficiencies. One such product is agnus castus also known as chasteberry, vitex, to improve sexual health. As an herb, this product is used to treat erectile dysfunction in males. Though, herbs take time to give results, some males prefer Viagra 150mg for quick relief from erectile issue and herbs for permanent relief.

Vitex agnus-castus for erectile dysfunction in males

It is tree is a shrub found in several parts of central Asia and in the Mediterranean and Central Asia. The shrub has finer shaped long leaves with blue violet flowers the shrub has long, finger-shaped leaves, blue-violet flowers. It also has some dark purple berries. Only fruit and its seeds are made into medicine.

The medicine made from the tree is used for various issues of women. Premenstrual syndrome, menopause symptoms, dysphoric disorders, etc. However males are using this to enhance their erection process to overcome erectile dysfunction.

But there is not confirmed evidence to show that this herb can be used for increase sexual desire. In fact, on the contrary, there is evidence that some monks take the tree parts to keep their sexual desire in check. This helps them to maintain their celibate status.

You must know in advance why you are using the herb.  If you are using it for increasing sexual desire, you must know that there are no such reports. You can take vitamin B complex diet to increase your desire for sex, increase libido, and low testosterone levels.

The diet has the role in ensuring a healthy heart, healthy sexual organs and desire for intimacy. The drugs like levitra 40mg help the males to get a hard erection, when they cannot get a hard erection for sex.

Vitex agnus-castus is primarily used by people for other issues such as acne, dementia, nervousness, dementia, cold, joint conditions, stomach upset, headaches, eye pain, or inflammation etc.

The herb has little history in treating low sexual desire or enhances the sexual health of a male.

Consult your medical expert to get the best treatment

If you desire is to use a natural remedy to cure sexual health, you have several options.  You can use a healthy diet, and fruits which increase blood flow. There are other powerful herbs for enhancing sexual health. These herbs like ginseng, shilajit, horny goat weed, red ginseng, are famous for male health in several countries. They are easily available online and offline at the best prices. Their results are known. 

Lifestyle change for a better sexual health

One of the effective ways to improve sexual health is lifestyle changes. This step includes cutting on smoking, drinking, junk food and sedentary lifestyle. Take diet which is not junk food, process food, packed food, white bread, caffeine, and artificial flavored drinks.

Your diet must include green vegetables, leafy dark vegetables, lentils, and wholegrain bread. Fruits like berries, watermelon, pomegranate, citrus fruits, banana, etc contribute their bit towards a healthy sexual life. Along with a healthy diet, you must also have some regimen of exercises or yoga. It is a highly supportive form of physical activity. The role of medicine like Cialis 60 mg will be done by food and exercise combines.

Make sure that you are adhering to the healthy lifestyle for rest of your life. The biggest benefit of a healthy lifestyle is zero possibilities of lifestyle disease like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and low libido. You will see that natural blood flow and an active body will demand sexual pleasure without need for medicines.

Consult your doctor if you are on medicines or use some herbal products. Never mix erectile dysfunction drugs Levitra 40mg with other medicine or ED dose. Never use a dose without understanding your tolerability to the dose. That is why it is always suggested that a dose has to be prescribed by the doctor. Even if you are taking the dose without erection issue, start with a lower dose and increase dose limit according to your satisfaction level.