Don’t Underestimate RV Roof Tape

Getting out on the road or to a new campsite with friends and family is a great time. Even when the weather doesn’t go as planned or you need to troubleshoot little issues, it’s still great to be out there. In fact, sometimes the best times come from creative thinking and problem solving on the fly that bring out the cooperative potential in people. That’s a big part of the fun of camping – finding a way to make a way.

Those are true words, but every once in a while you can come up against a real bear of a situation that can basically ruin a trip. Since we mentioned the weather’s predisposition for refusing to cooperate, consider the following situation. Imagine a trip with incessant rain, and what’s more, consider a scenario in which your roof started to leak.

Now, imagine that all of your efforts to stay the leak were ineffective. That leak can do a lot worse than ruin one camping trip and make for a generally unpleasant time. That leak can wreak havoc on the interior of your camper. It can not only damage your interior in its own right, but it is also the precursor for mold and mildew that can destroy the value of your camper over time.

The solution for something as seemingly innocuous as a slow leak? Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but for this issue in particular, which can be very common, don’t underestimate RV roof tape. In many cases, RV roof tape is basically a watertight peel and stick solution that is impressively reliable and will even stand up to the elements for a long time.

Consider as a representation some Eternabond products like the Eternabond RoofSeal White 4” x 50’ Leak Repair Tape. It’s remarkably compatible with a number of different roofing materials including EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, PVC, and many different types of metals – and this is an extremely curtailed list. It bonds to many other types of surfaces as well.

This roof repair tape is not just waterproof, it actually bonds to surfaces to stop leaks. Its MicroSealant technology is specifically designed to stop roof leaks and is even UV stable. Everything out there under the sun is baking and breaking down in the presence of UV light – even, potentially, your campers tires – but not this watertight Eternabond RV roof tape.

This product for RV roof repair is also physically and mechanically tough as well. It is effective in temperatures ranging from -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and it remains flexible through an even broader range, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking down or cracking. You can even apply new Eternabond tape over old Eternabond tape if you ever need to do so.

Yet this is only one solution. You can find many other examples of RV Roof tape that can help you stave off the incursions of leaks and water damage. Visit RV Upgrades and you can find this option and other Eternabond products along with products from CoFair, CamCo, Sika, Heng’s and more.

The wide selection isn’t the only reason you should visit RV Upgrades on their website at RV Upgrades is run by people who are just as passionate about getting out there as you are. Their team is experienced and helpful, and if you have any questions about RV roof tape or other options for sealing roof seams and keeping water out, you can reach out to their team for help. Visit their website for more information where you can contact them via live chat, or give them a call at 866-332-7881.

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