Don’t Miss These Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Shopping for some new airsoft rifles to round out your arsenal is going to require you to do a little research and figure out what you’re looking for. Airsoft sniper rifles are one of the few examples in airsoft where you can get away with, even prioritize features that are sometimes otherwise undesirable in airsoft guns. For example, it’s pretty uncommon to see someone competing with a spring pistol, but spring-operated airsoft sniper rifles dominate the long-range scene. In addition, since much of the time you will be operating from a fixed location and range, it’s not all too uncommon to see weight take a backseat to other features as well. Either way, if you’re shopping for a new sniper rifle platform, make sure you don’t miss these.

JG VSR-10/BAR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This airsoft rifle is a serious deal, especially the one that comes with a 3-9x scope as part of the package. This rifle comes with a high density and ultra-tough polymer stock along with full metal internals as part of its construction, nearly impervious to adverse conditions and extremely durable. In addition, this rifle is upgradable and comes with an adjustable hop-up so you can fine-tune the platform to be a long-range tack driver. That, paired with the fact that it comes with a scope makes it a perfect match for players that need to cover large territories from afar.

Bravo BV7 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is another serious deal in an airsoft sniper rifle, and although it doesn’t come with a scope, it is loaded down with features that will make it perfect for long-range coverage. This rifle, like the former entry, is made out of premium components to suit it for the long haul and comes with a spring-loaded bipod and a realistic muzzle brake. It also features an adjustable hop-up system so you can fine-tune your groups, and though it does not come with a scope, the rail above the receiver makes it more than possible to add any optics you so desire. Best of all, it’s capable of reaching muzzle velocities of about 460 fps.

M28 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is another great choice among spring sniper rifles that is perfect for reaching targets at long distances and can give you the functionality to do so. This rifle is arguably even tougher than the other options on this list – it comes with a nylon fiber stock that is textured so that it offers a great grip in addition to its remarkable durability. It also comes with a full metal barrel assembly and a scope mount integrated into the rail. In terms of toughness and reliability, it may have the other rifles on this list beat and it certainly does when it comes to power. This rifle is capable of attaining muzzle velocities of 500 fps, screaming fast for an airsoft rifle. Fast, tough, and reliable, this is a top of the line airsoft rifle for its price – it would be hard to do better in its class.

Other Great Options

The Amoeba Striker 01 (AS-01) is a rock-solid airsoft sniper rifle crafted from nylon fiber for extraordinary strength and durability. You can get it in a wide range of colors to suit the setting of your environment and it comes with sling mounts attached to make it easy to get it in and out of the field. It has an adjustable hop-up and comes with a section of rail-mounted above the receiver, so between the hop up and the ability to add optics easily, you can make a tack driver out of one of these yet.

Another great choice in an airsoft sniper rifle is the Novritsch SSG24 that comes with internals so powerful it pushes the limits of an air gun. This thing is blazing fast – blazing. It comes with a precision hop up and a precision barrel factory installed so it’s ready to close some serious groups right out of the box. It can reach muzzle velocities of up to – wait for it – 650 FPS. This airsoft rifle needs no fine-tuning either, just pick it up, get familiar with it, and make the targets sing.

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