Does Your Kitchen Need Upgrading?

A kitchen is a place in your home where you can showcase your sense of design and style. If you start to look a little outdated, it may be time to consider a redesign. Here we have discussed the different archetypes of kitchens, 


A modern kitchen showroom Maidenhead style is mainly defined by high-tech appliances, clean and simple lines, and unadorned cabinets. Perfectly in tune with a minimalist aesthetic, they also tend to feature cleverly hidden storage solutions, and a rich blend of textures, materials, and colors. Many modern designs are relatively free from clutter and incorporate hide-away solutions to use space more efficiently — like the addition of an island to increase working areas, storage, or seating.


Traditional kitchens typically place more focus on the use of natural materials like timber, stone, framed cabinetry, and other ornate details. The most popular of traditional kitchens is the Shaker style, which has endured throughout the centuries and originated right here in the North of England! The traditional style has endured because it is functional and high-quality — it also rests on the principle of a place for everything and everything in its place. The Shaker style is generally more ornate than the modern style.

So, which one should you choose? Well, a good place to start is to think about what best fits in with your home’s overall style. Country style homes tend to be better suited to traditional kitchens, whereas modern kitchens fit beautifully into more contemporary styled homes.

Contemporary Kitchen Design :

In modern society, people spend a lot of time outside the house. They don’t have time to cook, even clean up the mess afterward. Contemporary, which means “occurring in the present” is one of the most popular kitchen styles that might be the best solution for the 21st-century generation who prefer to have a neat, easy to maintain, and presentable kitchen throughout the year. The contemporary kitchen is well-known as a clean-cut, minimalistic, and light design but still pops with a lively surprise. It offers simplicity and a practical way of a design style. It could optimize every inch of space, which is the way this style can fit into almost any size of the kitchen.

The benefit of Contemporary Kitchen:

Contemporary kitchen design is timeless because it concerns more on functionality rather than decoration. So, this style doesn’t necessarily depend on some trends. However, it doesn’t mean this style neglects its aesthetics, but it still looks beautiful in its minimalistic way.

Shaker Style Kitchen:

Shaker kitchens are known for their elegant, simple design style and are perfect for an open plan multi-purpose space. The Shaker style is elegant, charming, timeless, and is perfect for open plan kitchen living spaces, particularly when you take a bespoke approach. It means that your kitchen cabinetry style can be carried beautifully into the living space, whether for window seats, media center furniture, or other lounge display furniture. The Shaker style has a warmth and simplicity that works beautifully in both the kitchen and living room space.

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