Does Your BigCommerce Store Need SEO?

Despite the fact that BigCommerce offers a wide array of powerful features right out of the box, you may still need to invest in some BigCommerce SEO in order to really take advantage of the platform and all it has to offer.

You might be wondering why BigCommerce SEO is even necessary if the platform allows you to create a beautiful and functional online store. Isn’t this everything you need in order to be successful online?

The issue is that there is no replacement for SEO and no platform has developed any kind of means of providing true all-encompassing SEOs services with their platform packages. Due to the nature of search engine optimization, this is simply something that has to be done manually by actual people and there are no “shortcuts” that can be created with plugins, themes, and other features.

In short, no matter how powerful your eCommerce platform is, you’re always going to need that experienced human touch to take it to the next level and help it compete against other brands. While certain factors like theme coding and website speed do play an important role in your overall SEO, BigCommerce can’t help you with things like keyword research, implementation, content marketing, product descriptions, and all of the other fundamental aspects of search engine optimization that are needed in order to be successful online.

How to Tell When Your BigCommerce Store Needs Professional SEO Services
Does your online store look great but get little to no organic traffic? You probably need quality SEO services, and this is not surprising. BigCommerce is an amazing platform that makes it easy to create an incredible looking website, but ultimately, if you don’t invest in the right professional SEO services, no one is going to ever see it.

SEO is one of the most important factors if we’re talking about online success. You may think you can get by without it if you already have a great product, but the truth is that even word of mouth and some social media presence may not be enough to compensate for a lack of SEO. Being able to generate organic traffic through search engines is the heart of most online businesses, and for eCommerce businesses it’s essential.

Users are going online in droves to search for products they need, and you want to be one of the websites that pops up when they hit Enter. The only way to make this happen however is with BigCommerce SEO services such as the kind provided by an elite agency like Genius eCommerce.

The Right Agency For Your BigCommerce SEO Needs
There’s no one specific formula for online success, but SEO plays a key role in the success of most online stores. There is a direct correlation between traffic and sales, naturally, because without users actually finding your website, there is no way you’re going to be generating enough revenue to remain in business.

SEO is the answer no matter what platform you on, BigCommerce, or otherwise. You need a professional agency that knows how to perform keyword research and implement this information on your website through product optimization and content marketing, otherwise you’re just another guy with a website at the end of the day.

Give yourself the best possible chance for success and invest in SEO services for your eCommerce business. Rather than risking the future of your business, take the time to reach out to a professional eCommerce SEO agency such as Genius eCommerce and let them create a campaign that will propel your BigCommerce store to a new level.

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