Does Instagram Stalker is reality?

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Instagram is very popular social media app now a days, especially in youth. people share their beauty pictures, stories, and videos with other community on the Instagram.

Some people on Instagram want to be followed and some do not. if someone visits the last one they took them as Insta stalker or Instagram stalker. So the debate is who is a stalker.

If you want to know are your Insta stalker, there is no website or app that can provide you with pure information about them. You can find Andriod apps on play store only because I store has remove all insta stalker app from its store. You will find some web site that offers such services but actually not.


Because these websites only provide you profile information only for example if you put someone name in the search box, it will return you with a profile of broad match id’s.

Therefore the question arises how to avoid and know about Insta stalkers. Honestly speaking only one way of knowing who visited your profile is Instagram stories that feature provide you with the information who have seen your stories.

Otherwise, Instagram algorithm does not allow anyone to breach it security and someone information. So

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