Do you need higher HP Treadmills at home?

Most treadmills range from 1.5 HP to 3.0 HP motor. The more expensive treadmills offering higher power motors. And the less expensive treadmills provide lower powered motors that simply will not last. For home with 1-2 people using the treadmill at least once per day get yourself at least a 2.0 HP continuous duty motor and this should be adequate. If you run a lot on your treadmill you might want to get a 2.5 HP motor or higher.

So you will need higher HP treadmills for three reasons –

  1. You want to run
  2. You want a good quality motor
  3. More than 2 person will be using this treadmill at home

  1. You want to run: You would want the peak HP to be as high as possible along with a long step area. Some treadmills offer up to 18km of high speed. And that is very good if you want to run at home. Wear shoes while running.
  2. You want a good quality motor: Higher priced motors are most capable of sustaining speed and thus of high quality. Also you will see many will give 3 year warranty on motor. You may get those models.
  3. More than 2 person will be using this treadmill at home : More repeated usages will require a powerful motor and a very stable one.

For these above reasons you may buy an higher HP treadmill at home.

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