Do You Need an Oakland Workers Compensation Attorney?

Do You Need an Oakland Workers Compensation Attorney?

Most workers don’t care or worry about on-the-job injury till they have to face it. When you are injured at work your life can go haywire. From the expenses on your treatment to loss of wages and creditors around your neck, it can be a nightmare to deal with. Workers’ compensation insurance was conceived to offer the much needed financial cushion in such trying times. If you are planning to file for a compensation claim, you’d be in a dilemma on whether to hire an Oakland workers compensation attorney or to pursue the case on your own. The latter route sounds profitable as you’d not have to share a fraction of your compensation with any law firm.

Technically, you can do without an Oakland workers compensation lawyer and there are thousands of posts on the Internet that would talk about how people have successfully claimed their compensation without seeking the help of an attorney. That may sound promising but that is the only half the side of the story as the majority of people who pursue claims on their own either become a victim of red tape or get under-compensated without even knowing what they would have possibly received when aided by an Oakland worker compensation attorney. This brings us to the question we started with – do you need an Oakland workers compensation lawyer? The answer is ‘Yes’ and for good reasons and here we shall take you through some of them

Workers’ comp isn’t easy

You suffered injury at the workplace, there were eyewitnesses and you reported it to your employer on time and received treatment within their medical network. There should be no problem for you to claim compensation, right? In the real world things don’t work quite the way you might imagine as the insurers use every trick in the book to reject your claim or to offer peanuts for the losses you have suffered. A top-rated lawyer knows the tricks of the law and the system and they can gather and put to the table precise evidence that makes it difficult for the insurer to turn down your claim.

They aren’t intimated by the insurers       

You have to realize that insurers aren’t the easiest of people to deal with. They can easily intimidate you into settling for an amount lower than what your injury and losses call for. If you are fighting for yourself this is probably the first time you are doing so while your insurer’s lawyer does it for a living. You know the odds of success in such a scenario. An experienced workers’ comp attorney knows all these maneuvers and how these need to be countered. They aren’t intimidated by the insurers and their lawyer and shall steadfastly fight for your rights and compensation. 

They improve your odds in the court       

Workers’ comp cases do go to the court. While only a small fraction of the cases go to the court you should be prepared to wage a battle in the court when you file for your compensation claims. It can be tough for anyone to fight the battle in front of a judge where the insurer would field the best lawyers in business. Insurance company would try their best to keep you buried under paperwork and evidences. When you are represented by a lawyer you are assured of higher success as they know how the system works and not let the insurance company’s lawyers have a walk in the park.

To sum up, waging your workers’ comp battle without an Oakland workers compensation attorney can jeopardize your prospects. A good attorney is worth all the money you pay them as they would help you get better compensation and also shield you against all the red tape involved in the process.


In this write-up, we look at whether you need an Oakland workers compensation attorney and how they can help you.