Do It Yourself Car Washing Techniques

Your car reflects your taste and preference. A meticulously clean and sparkling automobile is indeed a sight to behold. This is why it is always recommended to keep your car spotlessly clean irrespective of the fact that you want to sell your car in Dubai or not. Particularly, if you are trying to sell it, a neat and clean car has more chances of grabbing the interest and attention of buyers.

Now, the most common practice people follow is to hire car washing services. However, an even better idea is to use some DIY car washing techniques; it will save your money and provide more satisfying results 

Here are some easy to follow DIY techniques using which you can conveniently wash your car in your home.

Choose Good Quality Soap:

Picking the right soap for washing your car is essential. Many people make the same mistake of using dish washing liquid for this purpose. 

This is a wrong technique. A dish washing liquid is designed to cut out the greasy oil stains of food not for cleaning the smooth, shiny surface of your ride. If you use dishwashing liquid for washing your car, there’re fat chances that you’ll ruin the wax coating of your car’s paint.

Follow the Three Bucket System:

While washing your car, follow the three-bucket scheme. Use one bucket for containing clean soapy water, one for rinsing your cloth and lastly wash it with clean water before dunking it in soapy water. Similarly, use the third bucket for washing your tires.

You have to use a separate bucket for washing your wheels as they are the dirtiest part of your car. Additionally, before starting the process, you should wipe its surface with a cloth to remove extra dirt and gung. Likewise, before washing your tires remove extra mud by washing it directly by throwing water from a nozzle.

Avoid Washing in Direct Sunlight:

You should never wash your car in direct sunlight. Due to the direct heat from the sun, the car’s metal surface will become hot and it won’t stay wet for long. Furthermore, the heat will evaporate the water and it’ll leave spots behind. The same is the case with soapy water, it evaporates in direct sunlight leaving blotches behind. Because of this, never wash your car in direct sunlight rather wash it on a sunny day under a shade.

Use Microfiber Towel for Drying:

Microfiber cloth is soft and perfect for cleaning the exterior of your car as it won’t ruin your paint. If you use cotton cloth or household towels for drying your car, there are chances that you’ll scratch your paint. Paint plays an important role in creating the perfect outlook of your car.

Wash the Wheels First:

Another important tip for successfully cleaning your car is to start with your wheels. Wheels are the most dirt, mud and gung carrying parts of your car. If you leave them for last you will get your car dirty again. Therefore, it’s important that you must start washing your car by cleaning your tires first.

Regardless, whether you own one of the exotic cars in Dubai or ride a super-luxury sedan, keeping your car scratch-free is essential. It will look good and it’s value will also increase. 

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