Do Greater Productivity and Smartphones Go Together?

Do Greater Productivity and Smartphones Go Together?

How influential are mobile phones? Survey says millennials are addicted to their smartphones. And behavior experts believe these handsets are getting in the way for these digital natives to truly succeed. But is this true? Will you agree that phones have caused more harm than good to our best and brightest?

Well, there are always two sides to a story. The answer could vary for different people. Of course, when it comes to working, productivity is key. You have to use all you have to achieve greater productivity, greater efficiency. Surprise, surprise. Smartphones, be it the latest iPhone iteration or another Android model, can be the very tool to take you there. 

Here are five crafty ways how.

Organize Home Screen 

It’s true. One of the things we appreciate phones for is multitasking. There are so many apps on the phone. Even better, more than one app can be running at the same time. This makes things easier for you. The problem though is this can be an issue as well.

Having apps on your phone is great. But then not organizing the apps can be a major source of distraction. The important part is your home screen. So take time to straighten things out. 

What are the apps that pop up on your home screen?

Right from the onset, these should only be the most important apps. Remove social media apps that can cause your mind to stray away from work. 

Organizing all of your other apps is also important. Place apps that are of the same level of importance on the same screen. For example, all social media apps can be on one screen. Then all apps for relaxation and exercise can be on another screen. 

Organizing the apps makes it easy for you to navigate your phone. With that, you wouldn’t be wasting so much time on your smartphone when you want to get things done. 

Turn Off Notifications 

It takes quite a lot of discipline to neglect your phone even for an hour. But you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you have to. 

So minimize your distractions. Know it gets even more tempting when you have your notifications on. So one of the best for improving productivity is turning off notifications. 

You don’t have to do this for all apps. This should be mainly for social media apps that would distract you a lot. You can turn on notifications for apps that have to do with work. 

Apps like calendar and email for instance should be turned on. Other apps can be turned off. Don’t worry you will still be able to attend to your messages after work. 

Delete Non-essential Apps 

According to statistics. people aged 21-30 have an average of 67 apps on their phones. And guess what? Just about 25 apps are used frequently. Just about 1/3rd of the apps on the phone. So it’s about time you get rid of some apps on your phone. 

The truth is, having too many apps on your phone can be detrimental to the phone. After some time, the apps would start to crash and maybe slow down the performance of the phone. If that’s the case, there’s no need to go to a repair specialist for phones. Just deleting the apps would make the phone function properly. 

Of course, taking the time to take good care of your smartphone is wise. When things go wrong and you find your smartphone unresponsive, you might want to let the experts handle it. Getting the repairs for your iPhone handled by them means superior handling and guaranteed results. And it’s the best course of action as you have your warranty honored. A DIY repair can easily go south, especially with a closed operating system, like iOS.

Schedule Tasks 

You sure don’t want to forget the deadline for submitting that project proposal. Or missing an important meeting with a client. So simply schedule your tasks and meetings on your phone. 

You can use the calendar app on your phone to do this. And once you input the schedule make sure you turn on the notification. That way you are notified the day before the meeting. 


The last productivity tip is syncing your phone with your laptop or your PC. This is not only cool but saves you a lot of stress. When you do this, you can easily carry out tasks on your laptop from your smartphone. Thus, even when you’re away from work, your phone gets you notified for work updates. 

So how can you do this? Well, it varies on the model of your phone and laptop. But this is a sample step-wise process to synchronizing. 

Think hard. When you’re more productive at work, you have more time with the things you enjoy most. And that means more time for yourself.