Do Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need to Abandon Wellbeing? Caleb Ulku Bursts the Myth of ‘Burning Midnight Oils.’

Some entrepreneurs get the job done with skill and wit, while others get through by sheer determination and continued effort, burning midnight oil and sacrificing their personal wellbeing to achieve their goals. Making something worthwhile happen is a fantasy to many, but for entrepreneurs, they’ve sacrificed to make it happen. “Becoming an entrepreneur is glamorized. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but you don’t have to give up your personal wellbeing to make it happen, either,” says Caleb Ulku, the CEO of Ulku Logistics.

Established in 2015, Ulku Logistics is recognized as the leading SEO marketing firm in the United States, based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Caleb Ulku is a chemical engineer turned expert marketing professional who simply wanted to encourage his local Gulf Coast businesses to achieve more and keep their doors open.

How could they do that? Simple – with online marketing.

Caleb set up Ulku Logistics to fulfill a need that he saw. Most of the local organizations and businesses were not focusing on their online presence, which was essential even then, relying on more primitive methods of marketing. He believed that the business’s website, when based on the principles of holistic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, can transform an entrepreneur’s dream into a reality.

Ulku Logistics’ primary offering is search engine optimization along with paid traffic marketing. The company helps organizations get in front of their target audience so they can pitch their product or service and solve user’s needs through correct content marketing.

How to Achieve Success

As a successful entrepreneur today, Caleb Ulku was once paving the way to success in Corporate America in his career as a chemical engineer. He is the epitome of a dedicated man who believes in the mission of his business. In this article, we spoke with Caleb Ulku about whether he believes that entrepreneurs must sacrifice their wellbeing, health, and family to achieve true success as an entrepreneur.

Building a successful business without years of planning requires wit, innovation, and of course, sacrifices. Most first-time business owners quickly learn that they can’t do everything alone. Often, entrepreneurs try anyway, believing it is too difficult or too expensive to delegate their work to someone else – but this comes at the cost of their healthy habits and personal lives.

Of course, this is perpetuated in the media – confident business pioneers are always talking about how the path to success is constant work and motivation to the detriment of everything else in life. “Ask any long-term business owner what the mystery to success is and they probably won’t tell you it’s working nonstop. The entrepreneurs who have already achieved their goals know that the key to success in business is also to lead a healthy and balanced life,” says Caleb Ulku.

“The hardest part about owning a business and creating a work culture that values wellbeing and productivity for your own employees is being able to step back and analyze your own life to pinpoint where you can improve,” Caleb adds. In fact, many CEOs of top organizations today are focused on creating daily strategies and practices for the wellbeing of their employees, and that transformation begins within oneself.

“Startups are a genuine breed of businesses, run by individuals who believe in what they are putting out there and possibly taking the biggest risk of their lives – but that doesn’t mean you need to worry over every detail or feel ruined with every small hurdle,” says Caleb Ulku.

The Self-care Mindset in Practice

Caleb Ulku, founder of Ulku Logistics, utilizes this strategy of self-care and mindfulness in business. “I’m competitive – particularly with myself. So, I attempt to make it into a game. I dole out focus on doing things that I know are essential to keep my business thriving but hate doing; for example, sales calls,” he said, “Rather than day-by-day objectives, I choose the most important things to deal with and give them point values. At the end of the week, I track my running total and attempt to beat my score from a week ago.”

For Caleb, work is all about prioritizing the right things, balancing work and personal life, and making the most out of his time. He explains that when he’s suffering from stress due to a busy schedule, it can get challenging to make your mind slow down and relax. “For me, a physical challenge can carry the burden of stress for me. I have seen that a quick run clears my mind like nothing else, helping me stay focused and keep prioritizing the right things. The harder the training is, the more I can unwind mentally,” he says.

Overall, not allowing your body and psyche to rest is ultimately harmful to your work. Lack of sleep is debilitating to intellect, and no – it won’t clear up with a double-shot espresso. “The concept of burning the midnight oil to make your business thrive does not work anymore. If we want to improve our lives and the lives of our employees, business owners must stop compromising their health and family life,” Ulku says.

Learn to Set Boundaries

When aspiring entrepreneurs first start their business, everything is close to home. You’re spending pieces of yourself; of your time, your effort, your money into something that will add value to the world and lead to something sustainable. As energizing of a journey it is to chase your dreams as an entrepreneur, it is not without its hurdles and failures. Caleb Ulku recognizes that it is critical to stop isolating the individual’s emotions from business choices.

These values can extend to outside the business as well. “Implementing a KPI framework throughout your organization from the beginning ensures that you are building towards something, even if it is just yourself in the beginning.” Caleb said, discussing the importance of listening to the audience over your own opinions. “Try to draw a limit between what your audience is telling you, what they are engaging with and responding to, and what your own view or opinion of what the campaign should be like. Your audience will tell you based on how they feel; by listening to them, you can bring your brand in alignment with their needs.

Business owners who have blazed the path of entrepreneurship but neglect to set up healthy foundations and emotional wellbeing can doom their venture from the start. Burnout is an increasing problem in today’s work culture. “You deserve to have a healthy view of the work environment. Your employees do, and so do your clients,” says Caleb.

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