DME prior authorization, How to Improve your DME Prior Authorization for Better Payments

The biggest challenge lying ahead for the DME providers is to find a solution that will help them make money, drive ROI, and collect payments for the services they provide. Enhancing your cash reserve eventually depends on how well you are placed with your revenue cycle management efforts.

Reducing DSO remains one of the biggest concerns for DME providers who are looking to earn a competitive edge. The hard problem is to find a reliable team that can take care of pre-billing efforts and completes important tasks like prior authorization, eligibility checks, order entry, and confirmation that sets the right tone for improved payments.

It is pertinent to find quality resources capable of delivering excellence on all accounts. Ultimately DME providers will need the expert opinion of quality billing services companies that know how to work out a perfect plan around DME prior authorization.

What is the Sunknowledge benefit?

Over the last decade, our team has been extremely successful in reducing operational costs by 70% by delivering comprehensive solutions with a great credibility to the best DMEPOS companies around the country. Our team knows how to handle your practice management efforts with perfect ease and consistency and has the unique ability to transform your flow of cash in the best possible manner. Every year DME providers lose millions of dollars due to faulty prior authorization practices due to

  • Inaccurate verification of patient data
  • Not able to prove medical necessity
  • Incorrect use of Modifiers
  • Insufficient documentation

The Sunknowledge advantage in DME Prior Authorization

  • 100% prior authorization submission on the same day
  • Increase current rate of completed requests by 1.5 – 2X
  • 100% HIPAA-HITECH compliance
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours max.
  • No binding contracts
  • Over 100’s of client references across the country
  • Real-time audits and custom reporting
  • Highest productivity metrics in the whole RCM world
  • Billing experience for all DME products

Get to know how we deliver our DME prior authorization services with such competence and know more about our strong references now. We know how to drive your ROI as a perfect RCM destination.