Outsourcing your DME Billing Today is The Ultimate Solution

Outsourcing your DME Billing Today is The Ultimate Solution

It is no secret that a DME billing process is a complicated process and much attention is required if healthcare practices want seamless billing management. Starting from maintaining detailed documentation for data entry, complex eligibility, and authorization verification to claims and account receivable management; every process needs detailed scrutiny.

Furthermore, with the rising healthcare cost and employee wages, the real challenge for healthcare practices today is finding the perfect cost-effective team of billers and coders that can help you with your billing requirements. Since in-house billers and coders tend to add up a lot more to the expenses with their training session, wages benefits, extra software installation fees, and many more.

However, all these problems can be resolve if you have the perfect outsourcing RCM organization by your side helping you with all your DME billing requirement.

Benefits of outsourcing your DME billing services:

Always maintain detailed, correct, and complete documentation – starting from preserving the necessary and complete documentation of the required patient that is needed for data entry, outsourcing organization not only ensures correct documentation leading to lesser chances of errors but also clean claims submission.

Proper claims management process – as claims processing varies from one payer to another, starting from filling of every information correctly while submitting your claims, outsourcing RCM organization also ensures stringent checking before the submission of the claims as well. Ensuring timely claims submission, outsourcing organization also checks thoroughly for the patient’s coverage before submission, avoiding the chances for errors. In fact, submitting your claims, the team of expert also ensure regular follow-up keeping track of your claims. Helping you resolve discrepancies faster against your claims, outsourcing reduces the chances of rework as well.

Experienced billers and certified coders– as outsourcing organizations specifically work on the billing management process; they have a team of experienced billers and certified coders focusing primarily on better revenue cycle management. In fact, outsourcing billers and coders are always up to date with present billing mandates and billing rules and regulations, reducing the chances of billing errors.

Cost-effective solution helping you with reduced your operational cost – eliminating all the unnecessary cost like billers and coders training session, software installation fees, outsourcing organization not only helps in faster reimbursement rate but with faster billing transaction and lesser billing and coding error along with the reduction in the healthcare practices operational cost as well; helping you focus more on patient care.

In fact, today there are many outsourcing options that not only offer 80% operational cost reduction but also ensures complete pre and post billing services with a service charge as low as $7 per hour with better ROI.