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As technology is advancing, so the diseases are reaching a new height every day. Medical science has reached a great height these days with new inventions. But still, some rare and pathetic diseases are taking place, making life miserable for both the affected and his/her family. Cerebral palsy is one of such illnesses you get to hear now quite commonly. The doctors around the world are working in the field to provide some definite results as a treatment for such patients. But nothing fruitful has happened till now. Recently the stem cell therapy physicians have come up with a special therapy for the affected with Cerebral Palsy. They have introduced Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy and they are getting good feedback from the patients and their families. 

What is Cerebral Palsy?

It is a term used for describing some specific malfunction in the human body, like affected body movements and muscle coordination. These chronic conditions happen due to several damages in one or more places in the brain. It has a list of impacts or effects that are visible, such as –

  • It affects body movement. 
  • It has a strong impact on muscle control and muscle coordination. 
  • It damages the muscle tone and the reflex of the muscles and it becomes difficult to hold every posture and maintain the body balance. 
  • These chronic conditions also affect fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and motor functioning. 
  • Besides these mentioned primary impacts, the illness creates seizures, epilepsy, apraxia, dysarthria. ‘
  • It also creates communication disorders and problem while eating for the patient affected. 
  • Sensory impairments, mental retardation, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders are other effects of this serious illness. 

Kinds of Cerebral Palsy 

Though recently the stem cell treatment research have come up with Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy, you cannot generalise all the conditions of the disease as a whole. There are kinds of the disease which can be treated in different ways, they are-

  • Spastic Cerebral Palsy where the movement of the joints become stiff and difficult. 
  • Athetoid Cerebral Palsy in which the movement becomes uncontrolled and involuntary. 
  • Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, here the depth perception and sense of balance is disturbed. 
  • Mixed cerebral Palsy with all kinds of symptoms.

Stem Cell Treatment is a field that is gaining rapid success in treating patients with severe illnesses. Hopefully, this will grow as a medical field in a much better way resulting in more success very soon. Get the treatment from a renowned institute of stem cell therapy. Stem cell id master cells and has the power to regenerate brain-damaged cells so that such CP patients can achieve better muscles strength, brain development growth with better quality life improvements.

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