Discover Dubai in All Its Golden Sandy Splendor

Did you ever think that being a Bedouin would be fun? Drive through the deserts on camels, dressed in the loose tunics, through the changing dunes … Yes, that could be fun. But these dunes can be a lot more fun if you’re in a luxurious four-wheel drive, like a Toyota Land Cruiser going up and down the dunes like a roller coaster. This is the famous attack on the dunes, an experience that you simply can not leave without if you are in Dubai.

When you are done with that 45 minute adrenaline rush, you can calm down and see the sheer beauty of a desert at sunset. The golden sand and the dunes will bathe in shades that make it look like something out of Arabian nights and do Arabian Desert Safari, mysterious and dangerous. Once you have the images imprinted in your mind, and your camera, in case you can see what it’s like to be a real Bedouin! There will of course be camels that you can ride for those who can master something that needs some skill once you get back to camp.

Then it’s time to relax in the traditional way: on majlis or make pillows in Bedouin tents. Of course, your dinner will be a little more detailed than the traditional Bedouin Mass. A sumptuous traditional Arabic grill awaits you with all the luxuries: coffee and dates so integrated into the tradition, as well as a delicious dinner buffet and dessert.

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, you can also dress Bedouin style with henna, a kind of temporary tattoo that does not involve piercings or needles, and sit and smoke sheesha, also called a bubbling bubble or hookah and come in different flavors .

Entertainment is provided by belly dancers who want to dance to the beautiful melodies of traditional Arabic music. You can stare and wonder, or try your hand or your stomach too, if you feel like it.

After the thrill of Desert Safari, the city of Dubai becomes the ideal place to relax. The city has a wide range of hotels in Dubai that provide tourists with accommodation and comfort. Five-star hotels abound in the city, and it has proved a breeze to find a luxury hotel in Dubai that offers sophisticated facilities and services.

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