Discover 7 Essential Tools to Work in a Startup

When it comes to managing a startup, there are too many tasks and things to work on, focusing on what is essential for a startup by concentrating only on the urgent.

That is why multiple tools provide a lot of value to a startup when organizing and minimizing clutter, allowing the team to be clear about their tasks and how they should execute them. Also, saving money is a big issue.

Here are 7 useful tools for a startup


Trello is one of the most popular productivity tools for organizing team tasks.

The operation is effortless and based on the so-called “Kanban Board” in which tasks can be distributed according to their status (To do, In the process, Done) in many variants.

The great advantage that Trello has over other similar programs is the great acceptance and support in the startup world. The ease it has to add tasks and create boards makes it clear to the team what the tasks are being developed in the company and who is responsible for it.

Within each card, you can include descriptive data of the task to be carried out, completion dates, comments, etc., making it one of the most potent teamwork tools on the market.


So, if you are a surfing lover, then you much notice the power of video. Tiktok, Youtube has been a vital platform for people to communicate. And it is a feasible way to get your brand more exposure opportunity if you are posing videos on such video-sharing platforms. 

Suppose you are new to video editing but want to make professional-looking videos easily. Oh, but don’t have video editing software, then Flexclip would be a good fit for you. FlexClip is a video processing site where you can make videos only with a website, but the feature is that you can quickly make videos by choosing from abundant templates.

It’s overwhelmingly unsatisfactory for those who edit videos, but for light users who want to use it for small promotions and slide shows, for example, choosing a FlexClip template and typing characters is a meager hurdle. 


As an entrepreneur, there is always a defining moment when an idea becomes more than just a thought. You know, that moment when you say to yourself, “This is really happening.” And while you can do it for a while without investing in the brand, the idea is to have something in place before making your first sale. After the branding itself, the logo usually becomes the focus.

Designevo, with a choice of templates reaching more than 10,000, you will find one you like. If you don’t like it, you can modify it again, keep editing it until it is what you want. 

DesignEvo is very user-friendly, so you can easily manage your logo project, though you would not find advanced features like Photoshop on this tool. Still, you would have a rapid learning curve and make your logos in short with DesignEvo.


If you don’t know Slack, you’re missing out on one of the most useful cross-team communications tools for startups.

It allows you to have instant messaging between all your startup employees for free, dividing it by channels to focus the conversation on each topic in a space. It allows adding the necessary team members, making channels private, and integrating with all the tools in this article to simplify tasks or events.

It also keeps a record of the conversations with a practical search engine to resume pending issues when necessary quickly and simply. 

Google Calendar

It seems incredible that this tool is among the most recommended for a startup. Still, it can add value to managing team, personal and specific calendars within the same application.

You can have a comprehensive vision of what to do shortly. It is very useful to manage tasks and events (With start and end dates), such as visits to companies, important meetings, or events in entrepreneurship.


In the age of social media, creating visually appealing content for it becomes a necessity for most startups. DesignCap offers thousands of possibilities, with a straightforward editor and numerous resources and templates that will make designing a really simple task.

And even if you don’t need to create content for networks, you can also market material, infographics, presentations, business cards. The possibilities are endless with this tool, completely free.


Having an email list with your clients is useful for a startup. And being able to reach them easily is essential. That is why Mailchimp offers the possibility of sending emails to your clients free and with an elegant appearance.

This is perfect so that you, as a startup, can enter the world of email marketing and increase your sales, add more value to your customers, or simply announce your company’s news.

A well-managed email base of a company is vital. It offers the possibility of having a direct channel of communication with your clients at a minimum cost for the startup.

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