Dipak Nandi MD: how the Telemedicine platform has changed the whole healthcare industry

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Even though the platform was introduced ages ago, the telemedicine platform hardly made it to the top. Until now with the recent pandemic crisis, which not only showed growth and proliferation but changed the whole perspective on how the healthcare industry uses to work.

In fact, adopting the telemedicine platform today is one of the effective solutions to help your practice grow in numerous ways starting from:

  • Lowering your cost
  • Drive-up efficiency and revenue
  • Provide the needed patient with better access be it for physical or mental ailment
  • The platform is more flexible than the traditional outpatient system
  • Saves healthcare practices and the patients a lot of time

Furthermore, today the telemedicine platform has alleviated the congestion of hospitals, and improving the utilization of medical resources is one of the cost-effective efficient solutions, especially for mental health treatment.

Why so?

According to a recent study, 74% of patients are seen to prefer in gaining easy access to mental healthcare services be it over in-person interactions and providers, and with this pandemic crisis, the telemedicine platform has not only made it feasible but also adequate, efficient and supportive.

Especially with the shortage of mental health professionals and with the need for more effective and accessible substance abuse treatment has in fact became more evident with the recent pandemic crisis, however, the telemedicine platform not only gave the care and treatment to the needed patient but also further blurred the geographical boundaries primarily giving the treatment solutions to rural areas.

Recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, DR. Dipak Nandi, A proud member of the prestigious AIIMS alumni and a board-certified psychiatrist; today has been involved across the United States and India with key strategic initiatives in healthcare services like medical billing and telemedicine who in this pandemic seeing the recent increase in the mental illness observed the telemedicine platform to be one of the cost-effective and efficient solution saving not only time but also money. In fact, the telemedicine platform is primed to bring about improvement to the mental health field.

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