Dipak Nandi MD: How a Specialized Partner Transforms your DME Billing

Dipak Nandi MD: How a Specialized Partner Transforms your DME Billing

Experts feared that the latest round of competitive bidding for DME items will lead to declines in reimbursements. However, the industry was spared that fate in October with the CMS saying that it will only be awarding new deals for two product categories.

The CMS opted to avoid awarding contracts in 13 out of 15 categories after it failed to generate expected savings from the same. It relaxes the threat to large manufacturers of durable medical equipment items like Philips, Baxter, ResMed, and others in the same loop.

According to Dipak Nandi MD, the suppliers are apprehensive, looking for reliable partners helping reduce their operational expenses in the best possible manner. Finding a vendor that can help them in achieving a hassle-free standard in practice management is the need of the hour. It all comes down to a dynamic pool of resources that can take your reimbursements to the next stage with a specialized partner offering dedicated assistance.

The value on offer by a reliable partner

Dipak Nandi MD opines that a quality DME billing services company knows what it takes to eliminate gaps in practice management. They have a great experience, unmatched versatility in working with multiple billing systems; extend exceptional assistance that transforms cash flow.

Also the company will be offering unmatched assistance with great references from top clients for whom they have resolved proven business challenges by offering a comprehensive action plan. Making sure that all your pre and post DME billing worries are sent to rest is only possible with trained resources that can optimize the flow of cash in the best possible manner.

Ability to offer customised support

Dedicated support and that too at next door rates, ability to work according to client protocols is what makes a difference between the best DME billing partner and others. With a clear cut approach, they will offer all the support in checking of eligibilities, working on prior authorization, order intake and confirmation, submitting claims, managing denials, collecting your pending accounts receivable, and posting payments on time.

According to Dipak Nandi MD, a quality RCM partner reduces your everyday operational expenses, reduces the daily sales outstanding time span, and elevates your payments. To conclude, a DME billing powerhouse has the uncanny ability to make a genuine difference in your payables.