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Different Types of Bubble Wrap

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Bubble wrap was discovered in 1957 by two Americans called Marc Chavannes and AI Fielding and later they realized that their discovery could be used as cushioning and protecting material because things did not turn up as they planned. They decided to market their discovery/creation as packaging material instead.

Bubble wraps are the best bet to safely wrap fragile goods during transit. This packaging material is recyclable and can be used over and over again without losing its effectiveness and efficacy. This sounds impressive; isn’t it? Bubble wrap makes sure that your shipment reaches intact at your customers’ doorstep without being distorted. Bubble wrap is a standard packaging supply in many industries.

large bubble wrap

Bubble wraps appeal to manufacturers because they are feather-light, provides better safety from shock, vibration and many people enjoy popping bubble wrap for fun and amusement. Bubble wrap is widely sold as sheets, and are many times embedded into mailing envelopes.

You perhaps have noticed that most of your electronic appliances come nicely wrapped or packed in the bubble wrap.

If you are indecisive regarding the best type of bubble wrap for your shipping needs, you can always seek assistance from a professional shipping company. They can recommend you something perfect for your needs.

You perhaps have no idea about it, but there are different kinds and sizes of bubble wraps available out there. Each bubble wrap has a specific purpose. If you are shipping an odd-shaped or unusual item you would need something that provides greater protection than standard bubble wrap. Amongst the many packaging materials, the most mainstream and manufacturers’ choicest pick is bubble wrap.

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What is Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is a pliable packaging material that consists of small bubbles. Bubble wraps are available in myriad sizes to accommodate different products.

Standard Bubble Wrap

This mainstream packaging gives great protection for items, especially ones with sensitive surfaces, and is highly fragile. It is a budget-friendly way to protect items. Bubble wraps can be bought in rolls. These bubble wraps are manufactured using top-notch quality plastic.

Foam-backed bubble wrap

There are bubble wraps for specific applications and foam-backed is one of them. This bubble wrap is apt for items that will consistently move or shake during transit. This option is better than standard bubble wrap. It provides added protection. This foam can also soak up light impact and is most probably used in shielding items with a sophisticated finish. For example, high gloss paint or stone paint.

Anti-static Bubble wrap

Folks, one of the mainstream issues with using standard bubble wrap is it permit the static to build up. It is often used to wrap up electronics such as computers, and laptop This won’t be an issue with items that do not have electronic components in them. However, some items are prone to damage by electrostatic discharge.

Environmental friendly bubble wrap

Environmentally friendly bubble wraps offer similar safety and protection as the standard bubble wrap. The only difference is it is manufactured or built-up of recycled plastic.

A few other Bubble wraps are as follows:

  • General Bubble Wrap
  • Low-grade bubble wrap
  • FDA Grade bubble wrap
  • Temperature controlled bubble wrap
  • High-Grade Bubble wrap

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for bubble wrap, take a look at the extensive range of packaging supplies at Packaging Midlands. Check out their complete catalogue of bubble wraps. Whether you are simply shipping something or moving to a new residence, you will require bubble wrap during the packaging process. There is a great range of bubble wrap as per sizes and grades, and each is preferred for a specific task. Large bubble wrap is filled with more air and is good for additional padding whereas the small bubble wrap provides greater safety against scratches. Explore their attributes, sizes, and grades to decide which one is the right type when shipping items. Now that you get to know there are myriad types of bubble wraps you need to figure out which one is the best for you.

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