Difference between Storage Water Geyser and Instant Water Geyser

Whether you are getting a new house or thinking to remodel your place for living, the choice of the geyser for your home is a critical decision to make! Of course, you need to consider, budget, space availability, no. of members in the family and yes, the temperature of the city you are living in!

Especially for the tough winters in Lahore, just the thought of cold water sends shivers down your spine! To protect yourself and your family, it’s highly important to select the right geyser. If you already have one, get it prepared from the geyser repair and maintenance services by calling Geyser Repair Lahore. And if you are planning to buy one, let us help you in making the right choice.

Because just imagine!

You are taking shower in the cold, your head is all covered in lather and suddenly the shower stops giving the warmth of hot water! The ice-cold water starts pouring in!! That is the whistleblower that you need to call in the geyser repair services in Lahore immediately! This can also happen when you invest in the wrong geyser. So it’s wise to pick the geyser that won’t die on you in these crucial times.

To make your shopping easier, let us guide you through the differences between an Instant and a Storage Geyser.

Difference Between Storage and Instant Geyser


An instant water geyser has less space as compared to a storage water geyser. Whereas a storage tank as the name depicts comes with a larger capacity.


Since the instant geysers have a smaller capacity, therefore the size of the appliance is minimal too. Hence it can be mounted on any part of the wall and it won’t give out a bad outlook to the place settings. As for storage tanks or large gas geysers, due to their large area and capacity, could not be mounted on the walls but can only be placed on the floor.

Power Consumption

The water heating process in Instant geysers is quick and does not require longer periods. As a result, the power consumption of Instant geysers is low. The gas geysers, on the other hand, heat a large quantity of water, and the process takes some time, therefore the power consumption of gas geysers is pretty high.

Heating Time

With instant geyser Services, you can get hot water instantly, all you need to do is switch the instant geyser on and tada! On the other hand, the storage geyser takes ‘round about 5 minutes to heat the water.


When it comes to durability, the instant geyser is more durable. According to an analysis, there are fewer cases for instant geyser repair as compared to storage geysers, because of it’s less durable nature.


The cost of a water tank is pretty high and it’s an appliance that can not be afforded by everyone concerning its working traits and characteristics.

To Sum It Up

In a nutshell, choosing between an instant geyser and a storage geyser varies from customer to customer. Both these appliances are unique and are manufactured using different attributes, design, and mechanisms. Hence, the price for these also varies depending on these functionalities.

Being a customer, one needs to realize the requirements first and decide, which will be the most suitable option that will cover the requirements for you and your family. But from the research above from the differences, it’s understandable, that based on power consumption, an instant geyser should be preferred. Instant geysers tend to consume less power, hence lesser bills to pay!

However, misuse of the device is not advised, due to its effect on the power grid. So, make your choice smartly.

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