Difference between Biker Jacket and Bomber Jacket

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Leather is the necessary need of humans found in different factors like clothing, bags, furniture, automobiles, book binding and fashion accessories. Leather comes in various different types having different proprieties that set them apart from each other. When it comes to clothing components there are two types of leather, one is the real leather and another is the PU leather. Each leather possesses distinct characteristics, and on the other hand has some pros and cons as well.

Many different types of jackets are made from real leather. The most famous of these are the Biker and the Bomber Leather Jackets.

Real leather is made from pure animal hide commonly used are cowhide, lambskin, calfskin and horsehide. Cowhide is the most durable and reliable real leather that is most demanding as it lasts for more than ten to twenty years. Real leather has pores and scars on the back side of the product. The real leather goes under numerous tanning process out of which one is chrome tanning and the other is vegetable tanning. Chromium sulfate is the chemical that is typically used in chrome tanning and is considered as the most efficient process to make the leather more imperishable.

Extra care and maintenance are required for real leather, like it needs to be polished and conditioned if used for a longer time. It can dry-out so it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.  Genuine leather is breathable and has hypoallergenic qualities which mean they repel certain allergens. Real leather can absorb water and dry-out within seconds that makes it a real quality genuine product. Now let’s talk about the different jackets.

Biker jackets:

Every biker jacket is an ultimate call for style, depth and subtleness. It brings out the personality and charm of the rider, all the while maintaining the mystery and charm of bike riding. Biker jackets are essentially preferred by men into motorcycle riding and such. Most bikers and racers in general like to wear leather jackets because it enhances their looks and makes them look rough and ready for the adventures. Leather jackets really do provide that sturdy and polished look to anyone who wears them.

Undoubtedly, style staples are never wrong if you’re opting for a real leather jacket. Cops, gang men and even club members, they all consider leather jackets as their primary style to look badass and make people fear their presence.

The thick layers of real leather jackets act as a covering protection shield. It’s always recommended to spend on good quality leather so you buy once and the product is durable. Leather jackets especially the ones which are insulated and padded are pretty good protective gears. They’re usually black in color and have many zips and pockets on them to give off a tough and rough look.

Bomber Jackets:

Men’s leather bomber jackets are all the rage in today’s fashion world and have achieved the much-coveted global status. Men’s leather bomber jackets were actually known as “flight jackets” when they were made in the first place. They were made for pilots fighting in the World War 1. The very first batch was created in 1917. Despite the reason for their origin, they influenced a massive fashion trend among the teenagers and became famous.

To reach and have an impact on all age groups and appeal to the masses, they have been transformed and changed into many different styles. You’ll see that they come in a variety of different colors and textures but usually have a puffed and padded look. The range is astounding. However, the essence of the leather bomber jackets for men remains the same. 

Bomber jackets and biker jackets both have a distinct charm of their own and many purposes. Whether it’s a bomber or a biker jacket you go for, make sure it’s one that suits your vibe!

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