Die Cut Cardboard Boxes and Its Types

Today most of the manufacturers have given relieve for packaging products to different businesses by manufacturing Die Cut Cardboard boxes. Today their many types of cardboard available in the market. Die Cut boxes are manufactured with the help of the die-cutting process. This process includes the cutting of different sheets with the help of die cutting plates.  The die-cutting plates are used to clock off the patter and shape of the boxes which make each box unique from other boxes.

Materials used for manufacturing Die Cut boxes:

There is an endless number of products manufactured around the world. For plenty of these products, different types of material are used for making packaging boxes for those products. All of these materials which are used for manufacturing packaging boxes have distinctive qualities. These materials are used according to the preferable products. These are the following material used for the manufacturing of die-cut boxes.

  • Fiberboard
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Kraft paper

Today there are many products which need the packaging boxes which are sturdy, bulky and tough. For those type of product, most of the time packaging boxes are made from corrugated die-cut material.

Types of die-cut boxes:

There are two types of die-cut boxes. Those types are as follow.

Folding die-cut boxes:

Folding die-cut boxes are widely used for packaging of different products around the world. The benefits of this type of boxes is that they can easily be fold or bend to any shape and size.

Rigid die-cut boxes:

This is one of the widely used boxes for the packaging of the product around the world. Meanwhile, there is a slight difference between this type and folding die-cut boxes. Hence, the only difference is that this type of boxes can easily retain its shape which was present after they were manufactured.

Some of the other type of die-cut boxes are as follow:

Mailer boxes:

This type of boxes are very popular and bestselling boxes in the market. These boxes have a self-locking lid feature, and the lid of the boxes open and closed numerous times.  Today most of the retail businesses prefer to buy this type of boxes for their products. Generally, most of the customers which order their products receive their order in these boxes. Moreover, many packaging companies customize these boxes so that more than one product can be accommodated at the same time.

Boxes designed in suitcase shape:

These type of boxes have also their unique feature. These boxes have handle likewise as a suitcase handle. Therefore most of the people prefer these boxes because they are easy to carry around. They are mostly used for product conventions and other business festivals for the exposition of the product.

Tote boxes:

These type of boxes are manufactured from the sheet of cardboard. Die-cut technology is used in them to make it easy to fold the boxes. Moreover, these boxes have a snap lock bottom, which means you don’t need any glue or tape to close it. One of the best features of these boxes is that they are shipped flat. These boxes are also used in small retail shop and other business expo events.

Ballot boxes:

These type of die-cutting packaging are usually in rectangular or square shape. On top of these boxes, there is a drop slot so that the small piece of paper can be drop into the box.  Moreover, for the lucky draw purposes. Today many countries use these boxes for the election so that people can submit their votes. Moreover, they are also used in outlet malls. Meanwhile, there are other many types of boxes like custom bin boxes, gift boxes and so on.

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