• Aloe-vera has been one of the earliest mentioned plants in history because of its medicinal properties. Best aloe vera gel is believed to be one without any additional chemicals or adulterants in it.
  • The use of aloe vera gel was started by the Egyptians and Chinese because of its healing properties like soothing and calming the burns by providing a cool effect.
  • The best aloe vera gel contains over two hundred biologically active and naturally occurring constituents like vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids that not only promote nutrient absorption but also give a healthy immune system.
  • Aloe vera has become a huge part of the fashion industry, from the best aloe-vera gel to aloe vera shampoo to aloe vera cream to ale vera hair packs and whatnot.
  • Aloe Vera can be used internally by its intake in consumable form or externally in the form of a gel.
  • With more than 250 species out of which only 4 are grown for their health benefits.
  • The best aloe vera gel has a thick and sticky consistency which is 96 percent water and latex which is used as a laxative.
  • It is believed that Cleopatra an Egyptian woman of surpassing beauty used the best aloe vera gel for her beauty regime regularly because of its benefits.
  • Aloe vera gel can be consumed for the treatment of osteoarthritis, diabetes, and treating the effects of radiation therapy.
  • The latex in the aloe vera gel can turn out to be fatal if consumed in large dosages.


For starters, you can either obtain aloe vera gel naturally from the plant by cutting off two to three leaves and remove the topmost and bottom-most green layer and scoop out the gel from a spoon in a bowl or any container and apply it to your skin daily before you sleep. It might cause a little bit tingling in starting but it will be fine.

If the natural extracting method seems to be a bit troublesome then you can order also order the best aloe vera gel by Tjori online which is crafted by organic ingredients that aim to restore your skins lost glow and radiance.

The aloe vera scrub is a perfect exfoliater for your skin because it removes the unwanted dead skin from your body without stripping off the protective layer. After exfoliating gently you can also use the best aloe vera gel to restore the moisture of your skin.

  • You can also use the best aloe vera gel for your hair, as it works on your follicles that promote your natural hair growth. You can replace your conditioner with the ale vera gel.

So these were some facts about aloe vera gel that you should be knowing.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!!

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