4 Things To Consider While Designing Custom Jersey

Nowadays, the demand for custom printed garments and jersey has been increased. With the evolution in the printing industry, it becomes possible to print any design on your garments. Therefore, now people demand custom printed clothes, shoes, gadgets, hats, sports equipment, etc.

Therefore, different teams and organizations are looking for new prints on their uniform. They are fed up with their old, plain, and boring uniforms. Adding your own designs on your team’s uniforms will bring a smile on the face of your team members. You can customise t-shirts, gloves and hats as well.

The custom hat printing is in trend and all the sports teams want to have a custom printed hat with their custom uniforms. They will happily wear the custom printed or jerseys. The team members will feel united and strengthened up.

It is very important to design a unique style uniform for your customers. Therefore, first of all, you should list down your requirements and the features that you want to highlight. It will help to come up with the right design for uniform or jersey. Here, in this article, we will discuss all the important things that will help to design perfect jersey:

1. Logo Of Your Team

The logo of your team plays a vital role in the entire design of the jersey. Therefore, it should be placed on the left side of the heart. Make sure the printed logo on the jersey should pop out in the whole design. If your team does not have any logo yet, then hire a graphic designer who can help you in designing a perfect logo for your team.

Usually, the logo includes the main element of the sport, but you can design it the way you want it to be. The logo must include the name of your team so that it helps in spreading brand awareness. Also, choose the right color for your logo. The color of the logo can make a significant difference in its design.

Once the logo is prepared, then you have to select the right size of a logo that can be printed on your t-shirt. It should be large so that it is clearly visible to all. The custom jersey with a team logo represents your unique identity.

2. Logo Of Sponsor Team

Sponsorship is the main element in soccer. Therefore, the logo of the sponsor team should also be printed on the custom soccer uniforms. Usually, the logo of sponsors should be displayed in front o the jersey. Mostly, the sponsor logos are displayed on the right side of the chest.

That means it will come in parallel to the logo of your team. Some soccer teams also prefer to print the logo of sponsors on the sleeves of the jersey.  You should check the rules of your team’s league. The different league has different rules. Read the rules and tell these rules to your custom uniform designer.

3. Jersey Number & Name Of Person

You should always keep in mind that the number of jerseys should be printed on the backside. The location of the jersey number can not be negotiated. It is fixed and permanent. But, it does not mean that you can not customize your jersey numbers.

You can vary the font color and size as per your requirement.  You should also print the name of players on the backside of the custom jerseys.  Usually, the name of the jersey is printed at the top of the number. But, you can also print it below the number.

You can use any color for printing names and numbers on the custom jersey. But, you should keep in mind that the color of the number and name should be contrasting with your jersey color. It helps the people to easily read the name and number on the jersey.

Usually, black and white colors are used for better results. But, we recommend you to do experiments and come out with different designs and colors. You should think out of the box so that the custom jersey of your team looks different from others. Your fan will love your jersey and become your fan if you come up with unique creations.

4. Think About Complex Patterns

Gone are the days when the flat, striped, and block patterns are used to design the custom soccer jersey. Now, you can try various other designs to make your team jersey look interesting and amazing. When it comes to designing a soccer jersey, the only sky is the limit.

That means you can do experiments and find out some good ideas. With the advent of the digital printing technique, you can print any design on your custom soccer jersey.

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