Design trends for 2021

Do you want your designs to follow the latest trends? Do you think you could improve visually? Do you need ideas to inspire you? Continue reading! To start the year we have decided to bring you a list of the graphic trends that will shake this 2021. Whether for web design, graphics, or Instagram feed. We tell you everything you need to succeed this year. Don’t miss a thing!

Three trends in web design for 2021

Here we present 3 trends that are going to break out strongly in 2021, which for now has already proven to be quite peculiar.

  1. Layers and flexible design
    Layers allow elements to be laid out in a block and favors the combination of elements of different nature. While the flexible design has come to replace the floating elements. One of the great advantages of the latter is that it favors the adaptability of the web to different formats: mobile, desktop, tablet …

In addition, these types of elements can favor a 3D vision, something very in vogue in web design. This is achieved with a slight shading and movement in the elements of the site.

  1. Fonts
    A great ally that we have already seen success in 2020. It remains one of the most important web design trends for brands. Every time companies want to incorporate their own fonts, making them part of the brand image.
    The core of a web page’s message is written, and more and more web designers are concerned that both the content and the continent have coherence and add brand value. We are also going to see how the animations are going to be incorporated into the fonts.
  2. Dynamic content
    It is that content that varies depending on the moment in which the web page is interacted with or the programmed circumstances: time, day, origin, user name, etc. These variations can range from a change in the text, images, the outline of the page itself. Practically everything can be modified.

This favors the web because it not only makes it peculiar and different but also because it humanizes the brand and the visitor feels that the message has been personalized for him.

Three trends in graphic design for 2021

We continue with graphic design and the new visual currents that we must take into account from now on.

  1. Geometric Shapes
    The use of this resource in graphic design has been increasing over the years. However, 2021 seems to be his star year. The use of this type of figure invites us to distance ourselves from reality, while the conjunction of the different forms reminds us that we are part of something.
    This trend allows us to combine a large number of shapes, from the most basic to the most complex; explore the possibilities of asymmetry; the use of different colors for each shape; create peculiar textures; etc.
  2. The retro is back
    One of the graphic design trends that offers more possibilities is the return to the past. The creators have decided to review and recover the styles of the old school and adapt them to the new realities.
    This style is characterized by making design standards a little more flexible and betting more on “imperfection”, the crude, the rudimentary … It also seeks to include a large number of vibrant and often risky colors. Everything that evokes the past will be welcome, especially the classics of the 80s: fashion, movies, characteristic elements, neon lights, etc.
  3. Collage
    It is an artistic technique that has been evolving since it emerged in the 20th century. It consists of the combination of multiple elements that do not belong to the same universe: photographs, drawings, illustrations, etc.

These new designs allow you to create a new idea of ​​the union of two totally different. Textures can be mixed; combine grids, text, and images; create product images from a new point of view; etc.

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These are some of the new trends in design that 2021 will bring us. Contact the best digital marketing agency to get such type of designs. However, we must remain attentive to possible changes and new trends. After all, 2020 not only surprised us with a pandemic, but it changed our whole conception of life; and in it, we include marketing and design. The experts predict a near future in which what will prevail will be the exaltation for living and that has to be represented visually.

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