Defining Features of Boho Dresses

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If you’re anything like we are, then you love dresses that compliment your free-spirit. Some girls just love the way they look in a dress that speaks volumes about individuality and expression, and boho fashion gives you more freedom to express yourself than any other school of design, bar none.

With boho fashion, anything goes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell the inspiration behind boho design apart from the rest of everything else that’s out there. Here are some of the ways you can tell boho dresses from a mile off.

1. They’re neutrally toned, or earth-toned

One of the quickest ways to identify a piece of boho fashion is by the prevailing color scheme of the dress. Now, that doesn’t mean that any old dress in a light tan or a forest green is a boho dress because there are plenty of other dresses from other schools of design in those same colors. It simply means that these colors are common in boho fashion.

Look for neutral earth tones like tan, ocher, and ombre, as well as natural colors like sunset yellows and oranges, forest greens, and sky blues. It’s less common but still worth noting that some boho dresses are also decorated with light floral colors as well.

2. They have some sort of floral animal print, or, less commonly, a geometric print

It’s also very common for boho fashion to make the most of floral prints and exotic animal prints like tiger stripes, leopard prints, and snakeskin designs. In addition, you might find a boho romper, jumpsuit, or dress with a geometric print. That’s somewhat more avant-garde or art nouveau or even postmodern, but it is something encountered commonly enough.

3. Something doesn’t match up with the cut (in a good way)

Another thing you will notice in any respectable collection of boho fashion is that the cut of the fabric and of the hems of the dresses do not line up in some places or looks incongruous. For example, a dress with a very short hem might have epaulets or even long sleeves, giving it an imbalanced look that is, on the whole, arrestingly attractive.

4. They have lots of frills, folds, lace, or sheer fabric

Something else you will find in boho fashion is a profusion of frills, folds, lace, or sheer fabric. Many dresses that might be called boho are rife with these elements, and if you see and of these, boho is probably not far off.

5. They have over-exaggerated or understated element

One more thing to keep your eye out for is some kind of overstated or understated element. Boho fashion might work a huge bow into a little dress, or add overtly large buttons to the front of a jumpsuit. At the same time, some features might be diminished in scale.

These are some of the more common elements of boho dresses. There are others, but this can serve as a rough guide. If you want to see more of what makes boho design so alluring, stop wasting time reading this article and get on over to Boho Pink at There you will find excellent customer service and an unending collection of boho designs, including a catalog of dresses that you will love.

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