Your anniversary is finally around the corner and we just want to say congratulations! 

With that we have also got you some ways in which you can decorate your bedroom for the anniversary. Well, anniversaries are important and well may god save you if you forgot that so just set an alarm in your devices with the reminder of the date of the anniversary or even better surprise them with cake or send flowers to Indore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. 

Decoration is necessary and on the occasion of the anniversary, you must always show how much you appreciate them and are ready to celebrate that day with them so no more meddling with the electronic devices and

just be ready with the ideas for decorating the whole room for them. just remember that your significant other has always stayed with you in everything this is something that you can always do for them. after marriage, there are times when we are not able to give our attention to them and how will that even be possible we have our financial commitments and then there are responsibilities associated with the kids so it is just the time when you can talk about things and just deepen the bond that you have with your significant other. 

Here are few bedroom decoration ideas that will surely put a smile on their face


These are just perfect. Buy post its and just pick up a wall which you like to stick these to. You can just write all the compliments in the walls or the things you just wanted them to know or say and when they wake up just surprise them with that. this is bound to make them happy as all the messages that are there will be written by you and nothing can be more personalized and romantic than that. what else you can do with it is that you can make the breakfast for them and just wake them up softly just to surprise them. 


Balloons are yet another way of decoration. If you wish to add a little more into it just make the DIY glitter balloons and make sure that this anniversary, they go to the office and this will surely let you have some time to yourself and you will be able to decorate the whole place beautifully. 

You can also put the balloons in the shape of a heart around your picture and get the air-filled initials of “I love you” stuck to the wall these small gestures will surely remind them of the love that you have for them. 


By now you must be thinking “why does she bring flowers into everything” well, guilty as charged! Flowers are just so good at expressing every emotion that is there and the emotions that a person is going through. there are times when we are unable to find the perfect words for the occasions but then we have the comfort of flowers to do so. In the same way it, your anniversary gets the rose petals from the best Florist in Chennai or your city and make a heart shape with them on the floor, maybe decorate the bed with the rose petals as well. If you can just decorate the entire room with flowers and get a beautiful flower arrangement for them. 

Surprise them when they are back from a long day or when they just keep starting with the decoration only for them to wake up and find all that being done by you. They will just be spellbound. 


These are just perfect after a long day of work or a pleasant morning. Just get some scented candles and decorate the whole house and when they come home just blindfold them and then take them to the room and just open the blindfold. I’m sure they will be just awestruck. Who does not like candles and how the light dispels the darkness? Another thing you can do there is you can set up a table for two of you and have your dinner in the candlelight. 

You can always use the combinations of them where you can mix and match for example you can decorate your room with the flowers and the candles this will be even more romantic. 

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