Dead zones no more with msrm extender

I am a heady duty internet user who constantly streams content and plays games on my personal computer. My entire house is connected to Wi-Fi and I have all sorts of smart gadgets all of which are connected to my Wi-Fi so my data bill is quite high every month. I also play in online tournaments so I download all sorts of games on my laptop. For playing in online tournaments I require a lot of data and at the same time, the Wi-Fi should have high speeds and ultra low latency. I have a Wi-Fi router at home which is what I used before I shifted my house. The msrm extender is explained below.

However, this wasn’t able to do the job adequately as my new house was pretty big and so the Wi-Fi signals couldn’t travel everywhere and also the walls of my new house were very thick and that led to some connectivity drops so overall the Wi-Fi connectivity was very bad.

I wanted to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible as I couldn’t get any work done or stream content smoothly. I thought of buying a new router but that too will have a limited range so I searched online for a solution. After researching for some time I purchased the msrm us750 extender. It was absolutely great and offered amazing performance which was more than I expected from such a small package. It nearly doubled my range whilst offering the same speeds. Suffice to say I was very happy with this purchase. I completed the msrm us750 extender setup using the default link. A detailed list of setup instructions is given below.

Setting up the extender

I am a beginner when it comes to doing such tasks but I was surprised at how easy it was. I was able to complete the set-up within an hour, but frankly, anyone who can read the instructions can easily complete it regardless of how much technical knowledge they have. Anyway, before starting the set-up carefully unbox the extender and remove all the pieces of packaging, then plug it into a power socket and turn it on. Now, once the repeater has been turned on you can set it up using one of two ways either by using an ethernet cable or by wirelessly connecting it with your smartphone.

Setting msrm extender with ethernet cable

To set it up using an ethernet cable connect the ethernet cable to the extender and then insert the other end into your personal computer and head over to the default gateway by typing in the default i.p address and enter your login credentials or you can also head over to the http://ap.setup page and set up the extender from there. Once you have logged in to the page you can change the SSID and password of your repeater and set it as a different access point or you can connect to your existing router by selecting the scan option and clicking on your router from the list of available devices. This option adds more privacy as it allows you to choose which devices can connect to your Wi-Fi.

With the wired connection set-up method all done you can also set-up the extender using a wireless method. To do that make sure that the repeater is connected to your smartphone or laptop. Then the setup process is the same. You can also set-up the extender using the WPS button, to do that press and hold the WPS button at the back of the repeater for about 5 seconds till the lights start flashing, then do the same on the main Wi-Fi router. After the connection has been established you will see that the globe symbol will have turned green. This concludes the comfast us750 repeater setup. For more information on troubleshooting refer below.

Extender troubleshooting

If there is any problem with the msrm us302 extender setup then try rebooting it as it is a universal solution but if that doesn’t work then try factory resetting it. To do that press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds till the lights start flashing rapidly then wait for 2 minutes till the device finishes resetting. After that follow the set-up instructions given above to properly set-up the extender.

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