Cute Bohemian Clothes Might Be Just for You

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen enough of the same designs from the same designers over and over again? Does it ever seem like designers pass off more and more as new and inspired, only to strike you as something you’ve seen a hundred times over in the past? Are you tired of the old hype and ready for something really new and unique to make you feel alive and original again?

If you’ve ever felt that you could commiserate with any of those feelings above, then you might be the perfect candidate for trying out some new and cute bohemian clothes. See, what so many designers refuse to recognize is that you can’t just call something new and unique for it to be new and unique. It truly has to be unlike the competition, and unlike its predecessors, for that to be the case. Yet year after year, and season after season, designers and critics hail these new designs in clothing, shoes, and accessories that have, to put it plainly, been seen before.

If you feel like you need a break from banality, then give cute bohemian clothes a trial in your wardrobe rotation. Bohemian clothes really are unique and so many of them are so individualistic they don’t even seem to mesh with each other, but therein lies the spirit and color of bohemian fashion.

If you are new to the style and need a crash course, then here’s what you need to know. Bohemian fashion is named after the Bohemian people that once roamed throughout Europe and set up temporary camps to support their itinerant lifestyle. Since they were never in one place too long and didn’t control great wealth, their art, design, and culture were influenced by whatever materials and means they could find. As a result, their designs are eclectic and unique, and in this case, we really mean unique.

Bohemian fashion makes great use of natural and earth tones as well as geometric patterns and odds and ends like frills and lace. It is not uncommon to find natural influences in the form of animal prints or floral prints on the fabric of some Bohemian designs. In addition, it is fairly common to find that Bohemian clothing is cut outside of convention – in other words, it is styled to arrest the senses with asymmetry or with a surplus of folds of fabric. It is also not uncommon to find oversized or exaggerated features of boho fashion such as large buttons and other accents. If you boil it down to its most basic elements, you might even be able to say that any design that doesn’t fit neatly into another echelon of fashion could be called bohemian. After all, that’s what original bohemian style was.

There is another effect that results from this style of fashion. You can find some of the most diverse portfolios of fashion in Bohemian collections. You are just as likely to run into a romper or a cute skirt in a boho catalog as you are to come across a camouflage jacket, a sundress, or a halter top. There’s no shortage to the number of styles that fit into boho fashion and it seems like you could be surprised at any turn because there’s no limit to what you can find. In other words, nothing is really taboo when it comes to boho fashion.

So if you do happen to find yourself interested in what we’ve said and you want to give some new cute bohemian clothes a try, then you can find one of the best collections out there at Boho Pink on their website, Not only is their catalog stacked, but they are making constant new additions to it all the time to keep things fresh for their customers. Check out their website to see for yourself. You just might discover a new passion.

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