Why necessary the expiration date of vaping liquids on the packaging?

All vapers should know that an expiration date or expiration date is printed on each bottle of e-cigarette liquid they consume. All liquid manufacturers are required by regulations to put this date on their containers, which normally covers two years from their manufacture. This is so due to the use of components for food use such as aroma, and this does not mean that the liquid is not suitable for consumption after that date.

Liquids are intended to be vaporized, and because of this, they contain propylene glycol (a type of alcohol), a product that is not restricted to an expiration date. Now, as we mentioned earlier, the preferred consumption date is imposed by the aromas used, which implies that after some time has elapsed since that date, the liquid may lose flavor intensity but it will not cease to be suitable for consumption.

The expiration date of e-liquids

Like other products, e-liquids have an expiration date on their packaging.

This is slightly different from other food products, as the e-liquid is microbiologically stable. The product is less likely to react with its surroundings, making it more durable. The expiration date works more as an indicator of the quality of that liquid than as a safety measure.

E-liquid is a product that can be kept for a long period of time if stored correctly. Its shelf life depends on the quality of its components and the way it is stored.

The shelf life depends on the parts that make up the liquid: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. These materials usually last about two years, but if you give them direct sunlight they can begin to decompose and lose properties.

If the expiration date is approaching, you will begin to notice the following when vaping:

It affects quality.

The potency of nicotine is reduced.

You will notice the less intense flavor.

You may notice a change in the texture that will solidify.

How do you know if your liquid is damaged?

To avoid health problems derived from the consumption of a liquid in bad condition we have to know how to detect when a liquid is bad. These are some of the indications on which we can rely:


We can notice slight changes in the liquids due to oxidation. This is a fairly natural chemical reaction that does not alter the taste or the overall vaping experience.

The most notable changes occur in liquids that have nicotine since this is a component that reacts very easily to other ingredients if it is exposed to air, light, or heat.

If the color changes are significant it is best to dispose of the product.


It may be the case that the components of the e-liquid separate. Heavier and denser items will remain on the bottom and can be remixed in one motion. If you shake the bottle and still the components do not stay mixed, it is time to throw that liquid away.

Smell and taste

They are the essential indicators when it comes to knowing whether a liquid is in good condition or not. If you detect a strange smell or a flavor that reminds you of pepper, it is very likely that this liquid is no longer vape able.


If you leave the bottle open for a long time it is likely that the liquid will end up damaged, due to the oxidation process.

Also if it has been exposed to light or very high temperatures it is very likely that it is damaged.

As with the food we eat, we have to inspect the liquid carefully to avoid consuming it in bad condition. We must use common sense and know that with a bad liquid we put our health at risk.

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