Custom Soap Boxes is an eco-friendly packaging solution

In today’s world, everyone is trying to be friendlier towards the environment. The increasing global warming put pressure on the custom soap boxes manufacturers to think of more eco-friendly packaging solutions. From everyday use plastics to our daily wear clothes, customers are now more interested in recyclable products. Environment-friendly packaging has become a top trend over the last few years. Like any other brand, soap boxes manufacturers are now also looking for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. 

Custom Soap Boxes

Kraft is one of the most used packaging material due to its durability as well as eco-friendly nature. They can be recycled and can decompose without leaving any harsh residues in the environment.

Why the Kraft soap boxes demand has increased?

In today’s world customers are more aware of what is good and bad for them. They are very concerned about the green environment and happily buy some extra buck to brand who are responsible for the earth. Now a day’s packaging has more features than just protecting the packed product. Custom boxes wholesale now is all about sustainability and durability. Customer loves to purchase recyclable products. Recyclable Kraft boxes are not only healthy for the environment but they also make customers feel great about their purchase. Almost one-third of customers buy from brands that are eco-friendly and use sustainable packaging solutions. According to research, 82% of customers value recyclable packaging.

Another research revealed that 33% of customers said that they would willingly pay extra money for recyclable packaging.

Soap manufacturers are taking advantage of Kraft benefits. They use these boxes for packaging to convince customers about their responsibility towards the environment. 

Cardboard, the corrugated stock was once popular stock choices for soaps but since they can’t be recycled fully so their demand has decreased. Kraft is made from wood pulp with help of some chemical treatment which makes it eco-friendly and decomposable naturally.

Kraft is usually brown but can be customized in any color and design.

Custom Soap Packaging

How Kraft is Eco-friendly:

Kraft is a mono-material which can be recycled again and again easily. Unbleached Natural Kraft is completely biodegradable. Kraft paper is strong as its names indicate Kraft (meaning strong in German). Unbleached Kraft is Brian is color but can be bleached by using oxygen peroxide etc. Kraft when bleached to white color resists yellowing. Kraft manufactures now avoid using chlorine for bleaching as chlorine leaves harmful byproducts in the environment.

Some of Kraft benefits are as follows:

Durable and provide extra protection: 

Kraft boxes are very sturdy which helps consumers to neatly carry the soap without worrying about the damage. Resistance and waterproof Kraft keeps moisture away from soaps. Kraft protects the soap chemical to react with moisture, heat, and other environmental factors. These boxes have remarkable strength which allows soap manufacturers to pack their soaps easily. Kraft boxes are very user friendly.


Every beautiful thing is not expensive. Kraft being unique and stylish is also preferred due to its cost-effectiveness. Kraft boxes are easily available everywhere and the manufacturing process doesn’t cost much. The material is quite cheap. You can add a personalized touch to these boxes without worrying about your bank account. Kraft boxes can be used for any items and any occasion.

Variety of Kraft boxes: 

Kraft can easily be customized. Your custom soap boxes defines your brand’s personality in the market and helps your soaps to reach consumer’s shopping baskets.

These are available in diverse styles and sizes. Choose whatever style suits you and let your custom soap boxes brand shine bright on retail shelves. Leave your competitors behind by mesmerizing your customers with an eco-friendly yet beautiful box.

You can be as creative with your box as you want. If you want a luxury touch then windowed Kraft boxes are just the right thing for you. Design your box creatively to be successful in the market.

Kraft boxes will add a modern touch to your basic simple soaps.


Kraft boxes are perfect for storing your soaps. These boxes for eco-friendly due to their recyclable nature and cherry on top is that they are very reasonable in price. Your customers will not be burdened by extra packaging costs in product prices. The Kraft box is print friendly and yields amazing results from printing. You can use any printing technique to enchant your consumers. Techniques like gold/silver foiling can add a luxurious touch to your boxes, embossing will enhance the beauty, unique feel can be achieved by raised ink and color contrast, PMS, Etc. will make boxes look brilliant. This eco-friendly box will bring credit to your brand’s character and you will be appreciated by every client.

Now that you know benefits associated with Kraft, trash up your old orthodox and dangerous box and switch to beautifully customized eco-Friendly craft boxes. This is your chance to garner the attention of viewers by giving unique appeal to your products.

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