How you can clean the curtains at your home?

Curtains are the main element in our home. They provide a touch of their own and different personality. Also, it allows that from outside they cannot observe what we do in our home, that is, they help us to protect our privacy. Like the rest of the garments, the curtains must be cleaned, but how should we clean the curtains? And how often should we do it? If you want to solve these questions you just have to keep reading.

How to clean the curtains?

The first thing we must do when we go for Curtain Cleaning in Sydney is to remove all the metal hooks and store them, we will need them again when we have to hang the curtains again.

Then we will follow the following tips for washing.

Read the label

This is advice that we have applied in all washes regardless of the garment in question that we want to wash. In the case of the curtains, it was not going to be different, so we must read the label to make sure the type of washing of the garment and confirm if we must clean it by hand or in the washing machine.

Remove stains

In the case in which we detect that the curtain has a strong march that it is likely that in the washing cycle it will not be eliminated, we recommend applying the clean couches stain remover before washing to ensure that it is perfect.

Separate them from the rest of the garments

Curtains are a type of garment with specific characteristics, so we recommend washing them separately from other garments, that is, putting only the curtains in the washing machine.

Wash cycle

When choosing the wash, we must take into account the type of garment it is. For linen or cotton curtains it is better to perform a cold water wash to prevent them from shrinking.

We will use a washing program in which the centrifugation process is not excessive to avoid wrinkling.

When choosing a detergent, we will always recommend choosing a specific liquid detergent for delicate clothes.

Drying the curtains

When the washing cycle is finished, we will remove the curtains and hang them, preferably outdoors and in the sun, avoid at all times doing it in the dryer to ensure that they wrinkle as little as possible. One of the things that we must take into account is that we will not have to wait for them to dry completely to put them back. Rather, they must be damp. This will make the own weight of the curtains flatten and it will not be necessary to iron them later.

How often should we clean the curtains?

There is indeed no established rule on how often we should clean the curtains. But it is advisable to take into account a series of situations to determine how often.

One of the factors to take into account is the location of the curtain, for example, if it is in the kitchen it is advisable to wash the curtains at least once a month. The kitchen is the space in the house where we accumulate more grease and dirt due to the use we make of it. Therefore, at least we must clean them once a month.

For the curtains located in the rest of the rooms of the house, it will not be necessary to wash them so frequently, we could do it every 4/5 months, it would be enough. This time will have to be reduced if you have small children at home to avoid the accumulation of mites. Also in the case that we have pets or smoke since the smell will be impregnated in them unintentionally.

Always keep the curtains protected

As we have seen, the curtains are not washed daily or weekly so it is very important to always have them protected. We will achieve this thanks to the Clean Couches Sydney textile protector, which will help us keep them protected from unwanted microorganisms and eliminate bad odors that they may have caught.  The textile protector maintains its effectiveness for 7 days so it will only be necessary to apply it on the curtains once a week. With this small action, we will have our curtains protected.

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