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Curtains are one of your home’s most precious fabric-made pieces. They take careful attention to avoid dust, dirt, stains, creases, wrinkles, and other issues. Since they are made of different materials, one cleaning method for curtain cleaning in Sydney, can work for one but not the other. As a result, the first thing you can do is look for care instructions on the package.


Washing the curtain is the most effective way to deep clean it. Keep in mind that some curtains can only be washed by hand, while others can be washed both by machine and by hand.

Always check to see if your curtain still has a tag with laundry symbols before you begin. This will show you how to wash your fabric properly.

Preparation is the first step.

Proper planning is the key to cleaning and preserving the consistency of your curtain. This is accomplished by removing dust and any loose soil that has collected over time. There are two easy ways to do so:

Shaking Off (A)

Carefully slide the curtain onto one end of the rod to take it off one at a time.

Remove any rings or hooks, as well as any strings.

Remember not to crumple your curtain when you’ve finished. Instead, fold it in half so you can carry it outside neatly and quickly.

When you’re outside, carefully shake off the curtain by gripping one hand. This is best accomplished by two people, each holding one end. If not, just make sure the curtain does not come into contact with the ground to avoid dirt sticking to it or the curtain coming into contact with any surfaces that might stain or rip it.

Then, neatly fold the curtain into a size that you can conveniently take to the washing machine later.

Carry on with the process for the rest of the curtains you need to clean.

B. Brushing or Vacuuming

If your curtains have been hanging for a long time without being cleaned, the only way to remove dust and any loose dirt are to vacuum them. This is also ideal for cleaning your curtains without having to take them down.

You’ll need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment for this. If you don’t have one, a gentle brush or lint brush would suffice.

Here are the steps you must take:

Remove any cords or objects that may get entangled in the vacuum.

Set the vacuum to the lowest setting to prevent the nozzle from sucking the fabric in. With the aid of a rubber band, you can also secure an old piece of nylon stocking over the cleaner’s nozzle. Otherwise, a rigid plastic screen can be placed between your curtain and the vacuum nozzle.

Sweep the brush from top to bottom, from left to right or right to left, depending on your preference. To avoid moving dirt to the sections that have already been cleaned, avoid returning to the same place.

You may now take down your curtain (follow steps 1 and 2, then 5 and 6 in the shaking off technique)

Washing is the second phase.

A. Using a Computer to Clean Curtains

If your curtain’s care label says it can be machine washed, follow these steps:

Depending on the instructions, fill your washer with cold or lukewarm water.

Using a mild liquid or powder detergent, add the appropriate number.

Place just enough curtains in the washer at a time, normally two sheets. Set the wash cycle to a delicate or slow spin, the timer to two to three minutes, depending on the care instructions or curtain thickness, and the dryer to the lowest setting.

B. How to Clean Curtains Manually or by Hand

Different washing techniques are needed for different types of hand-wash-only curtains. Be sure to obey the instructions below while still paying attention to the curtain’s name.


Follow these measures for unlined and machine-washable curtains that you prefer to hand-wash:

Fill your sink, big basin, or bathtub with sufficiently cold or lukewarm water, depending on which you choose to use for washing.

Allow at least 10 minutes, but no more than 15 minutes, to soak the curtain. Then, for 30 to 60 seconds, gently swish the curtain to loosen any remaining dirt.

Drain the water from the curtain and force it out without wringing it.

Fill the basin with clean water or transfer the curtain to another basin with clean water. Add as much mild liquid or powder detergent as you like.

Hand-wash the curtain before rinsing it.

Squeeze out any extra water without wringing it out.


The back of these curtains has a delicate acrylic film or coating. The washing process is identical to that of unlined curtains, but with a focus on the coating.

Make sure the coating doesn’t stick to itself or fold over. You will need to avoid exposing it to some kind of fire. Otherwise, the coating can peel or fade, reducing or eliminating the thermal or blackout properties of the curtain. When hanging to dry, make sure the coated side isn’t facing a window where sunlight can get in.


These are the thinnest and most delicate curtains available. If you wash them improperly, you risk loosening the threads, causing holes, tears, and bruises, as well as permanently damaging the fabric. Silk curtains that can be hand-washed can also be cleaned using the process outlined below.

Place the curtain in a mesh bag with care.

Add mild liquid or powder detergent to a basin, sink, or tub full of cold water.

One panel should be submerged for about 10 minutes. Then take one end of the mesh and gently swirl it. Carry on with the rest of the panels in the same manner.

Drain the water and replace it with new, cold water.

Rinse the curtains thoroughly until all of the detergents has been removed.

Put sufficiently cold water in a separate basin or sink to dissolve a cup of Epsom salt. Allow 10 minutes for your freshly washed curtains to soak. This move is optional, but it can help restore the crispness of your curtain.

Drain the excess water from the curtain and squeeze it out without wringing it.

Step 3: Hanging Curtains to Dry

Your machine-washed curtains can be dried in the dryer or by hand. Hand-washed curtains, on the other hand, can only be air or manually dried.

A. Using a Dryer to Clean Curtains

Place the curtains in the dryer after they have been washed and/or spun.

Set the temperature to the lowest possible and wait the specified amount of time.

To straighten the curtains, remove them from the dryer and shake them off.

Continue to Step #4.

B. How to Clean Curtains Manually or by Air

Attach the curtain’s hooks or rings after removing it from the washer.

Since sunlight can fade, hurt, and shorten their lifespan, hang it in a shady place. Make sure the edge of the table does not hit the ground.

Slowly tug on the curtain’s end to stretch it out and prevent wrinkles and creases from forming until it’s completely dry.

Remove Wrinkles and Creases

A. Ironing Polyester or polyester-cotton combination curtains will usually be ironed. Only make sure to stick to the temperature settings recommended by the manufacturer.

B. Squeezing

The pressing technique can be used on delicate fabrics that are susceptible to wrinkles and creases, such as sheers. Place the curtain on a flat surface or an iron board with the reverse side facing up to accomplish this. Then, using a cool iron, gently press each field.

Steaming (C)

Once you’ve rehung your curtains, you can use a garment steamer to remove creases and wrinkles. This method is only applicable to machine-washable curtains that need ironing and pressing.

Switch on the steamer for this technique; the setting will be determined by how thick or thin your curtain is. Run it from top to bottom, keeping it at least eight inches away from the curtain.

Step 5: Putting Up or Taking Down Curtains

All you have to do now is rehang your curtains in their assigned curtain rods after drying them with their hooks or rings. However, make sure the rods, as well as your windows, window sills, and frames, are clean.

If you’re not going to rehang them because you’ve already installed new curtains, skip to phase #6. Then, when you’re done, take out the hooks and rings and fold your curtains carefully. Before putting each curtain in your closet or cabinet, place it in a clean storage bag or plastic with vents.

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