Points to Consider While Creating Multilingual Website Design

In recent past times, having a simple website was enough for businesses. However, companies have become global, especially in progressive countries like the United Arab Emirates. So, a website in a single language does not serve the purpose. Using the local language creates problems for international users, and using international language can disturb locals.

So, a multilingual website is a significant trend in this technologically advanced era. Including two or more languages on the website is not a big deal, as the translator can easily manage all languages. The real issue is adjusting the website’s design accordingly, as the change in language can change the whole layout.

This article aims to shed light on some points you should consider while creating a multilingual web design.

Top 5 Tips to Design a Multilingual Website

Designing a monolingual website requires so much effort, hard work, and consideration. Doing the same for the multilingual website can triple the work as languages’ look is quite different from each other. Some are written from left to right, while some are written from right to left. Such details can change the site’s overall look and create a rough picture if not appropriately handled. Follow the given tips for creating a multilingual website.

Utilize Global Branding Templates

The first tip that you should keep in mind while designing a multilingual website is utilizing the global branding templates. It means that your website’s templates should be the same and consistent, even with different languages.

You cannot force website users from UAE to visit the website version for American users. However, you can ensure that the brand image of your business is the same for both. Most organizations acquire the services of website design Dubai and ensure that their multilingual websites portray the same brined image and template to different users.

Make Language Switcher Prominent

Arabic is the United Arab Emirates language, most commonly used for business websites operating in the region. The same businesses have their branches in Europe, where Arabic is not understood. So, the European users can close the site if they do not find a translator.

Adding the button or icon for a language switcher at the most prominent position of the site is quite essential. The users can face difficulty in finding a language switcher if the site is in a foreign language. So do not forget to include the symbol to assist the users.

Consider Text Expansion

One of the essential points, which is often ignored in the design of multilingual websites, is that the text can expand or shrink according to the language. Moreover, it can also change from the left and right settings as Arabic is written from right to left while English is the opposite.

So, the change in language can change the whole layout and outlook of the site. If the website designers do not optimize the design for such changes, it will add to the user’s frustration and motivate them to close the site.

Use Culturally Appropriate Images

Another important thing that businesses have to consider in the designer their multilingual websites is culturally appropriate images, content, and presentations. It does not mean they can use an image for the European users and not for the user of Middle Eastern countries.

They cannot restrict users from visiting the site of any language. So, they have to follow appropriate images and content on the whole site to avoid issues and hurt their users’ sentiments.

Support Global Time and Date Variations

The timeframe of the Middle Eastern countries is quite different from that of Western countries, impacting the date. Such time and date distinctions can cause issues for international users. If your websites deal with ecommerce, it can lead to bigger issues at one point.

So, while designing your website for multi-languages, ensure to support the global time and date variations. You can show the local, as well as the time of the home country, to the users. If you lack the expertise, it is time to consult the professionals. You can hire the service of Spiral Click, a website design company in Dubai, and ensure to get the perfect design for your multilingual websites.

Follow special considerations for multilingual website design!

Most of the amateur website designers focus only on using a single language design. If they have to add another language on the website, they do not consider the need to make design, layout, and template changes. If you are doing the same, there cannot be any bigger mistake.

Do not rely on the amateurs, but consult the professionals. Ensure to support your brand image and optimize the design for various language scripts.

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