Creating a Sense of Sophistication with a Janis Savitt Bracelet

Janis Savitt is best known for her designs in bracelets, and there’s a good reason for that. Despite the fact that she also produces noteworthy creations in earrings and necklaces, when elites like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren take notice, you know there’s something special about a piece. Much of the heart and soul of Janis Savitt’s inspiration is reserved for her creations – and evident in – her bracelets.

A Janis Savitt Bracelet is a marvel of what can be accomplished in the balance between complexity and straightforward design. They utterly lack the dizzying intricacies of many other modern designers’ jewelry, yet they bespeak some spirit of sophistication nonetheless. They are at once impressive for their duality of nature. On the one hand, simple and dignified, but on the other, remarkably multifaceted in spirit.

To describe one is to leave a lot out of the picture and to do no justice whatsoever. A Janis Savitt bracelet is to be seen, not to be tarnished in writing and words. Therefore rather than launch into exultation of her practiced vision, the purpose of this article will be to elucidate some of the ways in which you can incorporate one of these bracelets into your own look.

When the question is one of a Janis Savitt bracelet, you are going to be working with one or another type of cobra bracelet. The effect you will accomplish here inasmuch as it relates to your dress will not be one of changing up the design of the bracelet, but in selecting different finishes, different combinations of metals, and different weights in the strands of the bracelet.

Select one of her Rhodium Cobra Bracelets for a more demure and dignified look and reserve the brighter colors for a more daring and uplifted spirit and composition. Like starlight, the glitter and comportment of Rhodium are reserved, taciturn, and mysterious, and therefore, this metal makes a perfect statement for anyone who wishes to come off with a little reserve.

Conversely, the complexity of an arrangement can be made better by selecting one of her more involved and fluid cobra bracelets in a number of metals. One of her Triple Cobra Bracelets in gold, rhodium, and rose would be a much more fitting accessory whenever the situation called for a bit more of a dazzling display.

Finally, you can save the bright yellow gold for those occasions on which you want to affect the full force of your character. Gold cannot be understated, tarnished, or diminished. It is the ultimate precious metal, and one which more often than any other, or any other combination, makes a pronounced mark and an unforgettable effect.

As you can see, even with her limited styles in physical design, there are many unique effects that you can create only with the help of one of these bracelets from her collection. That is but one of the reasons that Janis Savitt is a name held in such high regard by critics.

What remains is for you to find a collection of her jewelry that is worthy of estimation. There are few of them because of the perpetual demand to which her designs are subjected, but if you know where to look, you won’t need to go without.

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