boxes, 6 Advantages of Using Cardstock to Create Custom Eyelash Boxes

Having the right packaging for your cosmetic and beauty product is vital. Not only should it efficiently protect the contents, but also prove functional and appealing. Whether you ship your cosmetic products directly to the customers or place it on the shelves in the retail stores, the packaging is the first direct experience buyers have with your products. For this reason, ensuring a good first impression always prove to be a wise business move that will encourage repeat sales and boost brand loyalty.    

But it all boils down to the material you choose to craft your cosmetic product boxes. For instance, if you produce false eyelashes, generally, there are two kinds of packaging materials that are frequently used to create their packages: cardstock and rigid. Of these, cardstock takes the cake away because it makes more sense for the brands.

In this in-depth piece, we will show you how custom eyelash boxes made out of cardstock material benefit businesses. 

An Affordable Packaging Solution                                        

Cardstock packaging for eyelash extensions is one of the most affordable encasing options out there. They don’t require any expensive tools or high labor costs to manufacture and print them. Besides this, cardstock is pretty easy to recycle. That’s why the material is readily available to develop packaging for a variety of products.

Durable and Sturdy Packaging

Custom eyelash packaging carved out of cardstock has solid structural integrity. They provide a stable cushion to false eyelashes that they are carrying during handling and transportation. Best of all, the cardstock packaging size and thickness can vary as per the requirement. You can design it to keep the moisture and hazardous things away from your eyelash extensions. This is particularly essential for cosmetic products that need to withstand long shipping times.  

Customize Eyelash Boxes the Way you Like

Cardstock packaging is flexible when it comes to customization. You engage a reputable packaging company to do the job for you. They will suggest you countless options to customize your eyelash boxes wholesale supply according to your business requirements. For instance, you can splash your brand colors on it and make it more luxurious by using procedures like gold stamping, embossing, etc. The possibilities are endless when you are weighing your options. 

Excellent to Increase your Brand Awareness

The custom eyelash box packaging carved out of cardstock can be personalized to aid you with your company’s branding. Branded packaging is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and impress your target audience at the same time because it looks exceptional and professional. You can even customize them for a select group of customers to make them feel special which is highly likely to earn you loyalty and repeat purchases.

Eco-Conscious Customers Highly Favor Them

Cardstock is a sustainable packaging material that can be recycled. This puts it among the list of greener packaging solutions available on the market. It’s easy to dispose of and re-purpose cardstock packaging as most manufacturers do not use dyes and bleaches.

Light Weight Packaging Reduces your Packaging Costs

If you fear that your eyelash extensions and additional cushioning are already too heavy, then it would best to refrain from further increasing the weight by leveraging a hefty packaging material. And what could be better than cardstock that offers the best of both the worlds? It’s lightweight and robust, which keeps your shipping cost from soaring and ensure prime condition by efficiently protecting them. Being lightweight also makes it easier for shoppers to carry them without any inconvenience. 

So, if you too deal in cosmetic products, consider using cardstock to craft your packaging.