Cost of Scaffolding- Not Easy to Estimate!

The design of Scaffold is important for the strength and efficiency of most construction projects. Whether you’re renovating an existing building or establishing a new structure, adequate scaffolding is essential. The primary consideration for any project is how much cost of scaffolding is going to end up. For the scaffolding company to provide an accurate estimate, they need to have a clear idea of what the structure will look like and what equipment will be needed, and should also know what the construction costs are likely to be. Each scaffolding framework are different from the other therefore the services of a known, experienced and professional scaffolding company could be the perfect solution.

Cost of Scaffolding

Scaffolding Companies Calculate the Cost of Scaffolding

The experienced scaffolding companies come up with a safe and practical design that will also often take measures to ensure the scaffolding is as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing the quality or safety of the outcome. Usually, they will also provide a cost for the design.

The Design Cost

While estimating the design costs, the design team will look at how long they think the design will take to set up, including the time needed to consider the best options available, as well as the time needed to perform the proper calculations and analysis. It implies that the price may not reflect the actual size of the project, but instead the complexity of the design required.

Information needed to Calculate the Cost of Scaffolding

The first stage of the process is to send an inquiry to the design company, giving them some basic information about the project. The information that the company would require when it comes to calculating the scaffolding cost includes the following;

  • Measurements of certain parts where scaffold has to be erected
  • Whether the scaffolding is to be free-standing or attached to the building
  • The load it is supposed to bear
  • The area of space available for supporting the scaffold
  • Any specific challenges involved

Factors Affecting the Cost of Scaffolding

Even if you’re getting a small home renovation or building a home from scratch, there seems to be a good chance that you’re going to need scaffolding. Just as you’d need one, let us help you get an understanding of how much it would cost. So before we think about moving on to the cost, let us give you a fair idea of the factors that affect the cost.

  • The rental duration of the scaffold
  • The required size and height of the framework
  • Restrictions on public access
  • The extra cost for covering the scaffolding roof
  • The cost will vary considering the number of levels required
  • The location where scaffolding is needed
  • Easy access to various parts of the building would reduce costs
  • Additional cost for special requirements, such as a bridge over conservatories, roads or driveways

Scaffolding Cost Per Square Meter

A very basic scaffolding framework costs £15 per meter and £19 per meter above the basic for additional materials and edge protectors used.

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