Coronavirus (Covid 19) Impact on SEO!

Coronavirus has affected nearly every industry. But data from various industries can be used for analysis to boost your SEO efforts. The search trends for specific phrases like toilet paper near me, face masks near me and hand sanitizer near me has gone up considerably. Searches for coronavirus symptoms, home remedies and prevention methods have also gone up by 17%. News publishers have made significant gains in search traffic since the outbreak of the pandemic. Traffic to news-based websites has gone up by 34%. However, searches for travel-based websites have gone down by -46% due to travel restrictions. There has been a surge in traffic of food and recipe-based websites by 22%. However, both buffet and food court categories have witnessed a fall of 32% in traffic. Searches for fitness & exercise equipment has increased by 162%. 

But be watchful. Your analytics data might be misleading. Stay updated with Google Trends. Minimize spending on paid search and be ready for daily management. Maximize emailers to let the target audience know you can still deliver products and services. Focus on both SEO and content marketing. Learn to market through webinars and online consultations. Avoid promoting coronavirus sales or deals. Start focusing on holiday and Q4 initiatives. Market efficiently. Check out this informative infographic to find out the search trends for various industries. Pay attention to customer support and consolidation. Help your community. 

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