How to Generate Cool Drawing Ideas in 13 Ways for Learning to Draw

What is a cool drawing ideas generator?

It’s a genius cool drawing ideas, perfect for children lacking imagination, funny in my opinion also in the evening when the older ones will have the right to drink shots together.

These are random cool drawing ideas and there are countless of them. Frankly, I clicked a good hundred times yesterday and never came across the same ones.

Here too the parents will recognize themselves: 

– Mom! I want to move but I don’t know what!

– A house my darling?

– No, I don’t want a house!

– A crocodile? 

– No, neither!

So, I looked on the web, and miracle: the clear ally of all parents in this period of confinement: I found a generator of cool drawing ideas!

cool drawing ideas

And what happened to you with your son?

We chose words, but on the other hand by making a common cool drawing idea with the given words. So, we ended up with an elephant to which a Slavic elf was giving water, with a nearby Red Riding Hood accompanied by a gorilla going to war! Well, I can tell you that it kept him busy, the guy! And I almost had peace.

Frankly whoever came up with the idea for this drawing idea generator is a genius. From all parents, confined or not

1. Drawing during confinement creating a routine

The first cool drawing idea I want to give you, and it’s more of a piece of advice, is to take advantage of this confinement to set up a drawing habit. When you are embroiled in your daily life with your job, shopping, sometimes the children, etc., you often don’t have time.

But these days we have to slow down. We have to stay at home, and for those who cannot work from home, we have to find something to take care of. Between us, we quickly toured Netflix. So, you might as well take the opportunity to create a routine, a habit of cool drawing ideas. Once it is in place, it will be much easier to maintain once the rhythm of everyday life returns.

I offer you a fairly simple technique to achieve this in my article “Learn to Draw Easily: My Silly Tip”. The main idea is to start small by drawing 4 frames the size of a stamp in the morning. Thus, you create the urge to fill them, either right away or later in the day. I urge you to discover it if the idea interests you.

2. Draw every day during meals

For my second suggestion, I invite you to draw during meals. It is the same drawing ideas as wanting to set up a routine. Why? Because it is easier to create a new habit by associating it with another, already well established.

Whatever your lifestyle, there is one habit that we all share: eating. It’s up to you to choose if you prefer breakfast, lunch, (afternoon tea?) Or dinner. Either way, you will have on your plate a source of inspiration to make lots of new sketches every day.

3. Activity to do at home and draw architecture

But after all, you might not want to make easy cool drawing ideas habit. Or maybe you already have one. In that case, you’re definitely looking for some new sketching ideas to do while you’re at home.

One idea that I like a lot is to draw the architecture that surrounds me. For example, you can draw the interior of your house, your living room is seen from the hallway or the kitchen, etc. If you live in a city, you can draw the building or house that you see through the window. Indeed, it is a very good observation exercise.

It is also a good opportunity to work on your prospects. Very often, it is a drawing technique that is a bit scary when you start cool drawing ideas. In this case, I suggest my article “Your architectures are TWISTED? Here’s how to stop using perspective!”

13 cool drawing ideas for learning to draw

Cool drawing ideas, whether with a brush, chalk, or pencil, is not only enjoyable but also useful for children’s perceptual and cognitive development.

Drawing requires different abilities:

  • Fine motor skills (to use the tool)
  • Mental representations (see the object in his head)
  • Spatial relations (to organize the plots in images)
  • Imagination (to create something never seen before)

13 ways to tame drawing, develop spatial relationships and stimulate creativity

  1. Look at an object and draw it.
  2. Touch an object camouflaged in a bag to perceive its shapes and textures and draw it from this perception (without having seen it).
  3. Create a drawing from a shape (e.g., turn a circle into a balloon, wheel, or sun).
  4. Construct cool drawing ideas with objects (e.g felt shapes) and reproduce them on paper with a pencil.
  5. Imitate or copy the adult’s things to draw.
  6. Trace a drawing in a book with a semi-transparent sheet.
  7. Complete drawing ideas started by the adult (for example a house with a missing roof).
  8. Join dots that form an image (e.g a snake).
  9. Draw from a dictated procedure (e.g Draw a square in the center and then add a triangle to the square. Inside the square, make an upright rectangle, resting on the bottom line).
  10. Add details to an evocative drawing (for example a figure in front of a dog on which the child can draw the facial expression of his choice).
  11. Create a scene by combining designs made using stencils.
  12. Create a joint scene by alternating each in turn adding an element to the drawing (for example, I draw a river, the child adds fish, then I add a boat and finally, the child adds a sun).
  13. Draw from a sequential model step by step (for example to draw a cat):
  14. Circle only
  15. Adding an oval for the body
  16. Adding the 4 legs
  17. Adding the tail
  18. Adding the eyes, muzzle, and mustache
  19. Adding ears

Have fun!

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