Considering Hair System For Men? Know The Pros And Cons

With male pattern baldness becoming very common these days, hair replacement systems are truly a savior. These non-surgical hair systems are one of the best solutions for those struggling with hair loss or premature baldness. Having said that, hair replacement systems also come with their own positives and negatives. So, read on to find out about the pros and cons of this option.

Pros or Advantages of Wearing a Hair Replacement System:

1.  Hides Baldness: The hair system for men hides the baldness completely and cover your scalp properly. Not only that, using a good hair system provides you the confidence and self-esteem that you were missing. It also gives you a natural look and you get back your younger self effortlessly.

2.  Non-invasive Solution: The biggest advantage of a non-surgical hair system for men is that it is non-invasive. Unlike hair transplant surgery, it has no complications like the risk of infections, pain, scarring, etc. There is no recovery time, or no danger involved at all.

3.  Offers Instant Results: In this option, you don’t have to wait for a few days or weeks to see the outcome. Hair systems offer you a new look immediately as you wear it and gives you instant results. The application process gets you fast results and is also easy to implement.

4.  Zero Side Effects: As hair replacement systems are non-surgical, there are no medical side effects. In rare cases, there could be a very rare allergic reaction due to the use of low-quality adhesive, but other than that, this method is completely safe.

5.  Can be Reversed: Hair transplant procedures are permanent. And in case you are not happy with the results, you cannot reverse it. But in the case of non-surgical hair systems for men, these are temporary and if you are not satisfied with a specific hair replacement system, you can simply stop using it or easily change it.

6.  More Affordable than Transplant Surgery: A hair transplant procedure usually costs up to $15,000 and in case you are not happy with it, then you have to go for another hair transplant. But hair systems are more affordable options and you can try different styles in case you don’t like the one you choose.

7.  Lightweight and comfortable: The latest hair systems are quite lightweight and comfortable to wear. Once you are used to wearing them, you won’t feel awkward while managing your daily activities like bathing, exercising, or swimming. 

Cons or Disadvantages of Wearing a Hair Replacement System:

1.  Regular maintenance: One of the biggest disadvantages of hair replacement systems is that they require regular maintenance to keep up their natural appearance and enhance the lifespan. Before opting for a hair system, it is recommended that you find out about the maintenance needed and what are the expenses of doing so.

2.  Fear of Discovery: The biggest fear for people who go for this option is the fear of discovery. For some men, it could also create intimacy issues, or the fear of discovery could weaken their confidence if they are found using a hair system.

3.  Adjusting to it Can be Tough:  If you are using a hair system for the first time, it could be difficult for you to adjust. You could feel weird as if something is sticking onto your scalp. It does take some time to adjust to it, but once you do, it won’t be difficult at all.

4.  Repeat Buying: Remember that hair systems are not a one-time investment. Even the best quality hair systems last anywhere from 3-5 months if you use them with the needed care. After that, you will need a new one for yourself. But still, this option is a lot cheaper than a hair transplant surgery.

5.  Requires Regular Washing: Whether you go for real or synthetic hair, you would still need to wash your hair system just as it was real. The skin below the membrane would still produce body oils like usual. So, it is important to keep your hair system washed and clean.

6.  Regular Haircuts: If you have partial baldness, you will have natural hair on the back or sides of your head, which will tend to grow and would need to be regularly cut. This needs to be done to match the hairstyle of your hair replacement system.

Non-surgical hair systems have multiple pros and advantages as compared to the few cons. From lower cost to a quick solution and comfortable option, they are the ideal solution for those suffering from baldness and want to get a natural look without undergoing transplant surgery.

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