Considerations while choosing appropriate Wholesale Christmas Cards and assortments

Considerations while choosing appropriate Wholesale Christmas Cards and assortments

Greeting card assortments often include a wide range of special occasion greeting solutions that may range from birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Although, you may also look into the blank card assortments that carry a variety of designs and have huge space for your customers to personalize these by adding customized messages.

Similarly, additions like thank you notes and Wholesale Christmas Cards ride on the popularity index and are a unique way to express gratitude. These are followed closely with special occasions like wedding cards, baby shower, birthday party invites, etc.

Why do Wholesale Christmas Cards sell like hotcakes?

The best part about having the assorted Wholesale Gift Bagsis that the same is a cost-effective solution, especially if you do not wish to have dozens of greeting cards in similar designs for your customers. 

  • Size and weight

It is observed that the best Wholesale Christmas Cardshave the most suitable price tag yet without any form of compromise in terms of quality and outcomes. 

Greeting cards can be had in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is seen that the ones in 4X6 inch size are the most popular choice to send with a gift box. It weighs less than one ounce and boosts your business sales, especially if you are an online retailer dealing with bulk accessories. In the best of cases, you can also add the Wholesale Gift Bags for your customers for free to positively impact them and improve their brand loyalty and per basket sale.

Its affordable price tag is proficient in getting the most desirable results for your business, especially if compared to the amount of investment needed for boosting business using a traditional marketing mix.

  • The oversized ones

Suppose your business is into consumer durables and large electronic devices. In that case, bringing oversized cards to say thank you for making a purchase can be a great idea to create a flutter in the customers’ minds. You will see that such simple changes can bring in higher repurchase and boost customer referrals.

Despite the size of the card you opt for, you need to have a clear idea that your greeting card assortment should have the appropriate selection of products in the best quality and designs. The lack of the same will do more harm than good.

  • The card materials

A large number of greetings are designed from paper and cardboard and adorned with embellishments. You can never go wrong with this idea that uses new age items like – 3D details, pompoms, glitters, ribbons, etc.

  • The envelopes

Greetings are sold with plain envelopes or even matching ones.  If you are catering to the premium base, you need to use attractive foil print, patterns, linings, etc. Some may have sticky seals. You may need assorted variants that can feature decorative envelopes, prints, etc.

You need to select bonus items like special boxes, seals, stickers, etc. Similarly, you can expect to have these items in the assortment of styles that need to be packaged with matching stationery items for gifting purposes.