Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Want to Extend Their Homes

Today, large numbers of individuals have chosen to extend their homes to meet the future requirements of the family. The main benefit of this step is that it prevents you to leave your dream home. However, before you should start planning, designing, and building the extension, you should read the comprehensive guide for beginners, as explained by experienced home extension builders in your area.

Cost Involved in the Extension Job

Depending on the area you stay, you have to allow approximately 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars per square meter for the extension job. However, the exact cost related to the extension of your property depends on different factors. These are location, size, and specifications. Moreover, you do not have to spend a big amount to extend your two-storey building. This is because; you only have to add floor joists and walls, along with interior finishes and fixtures. However, the home extension of your property requires foundations and roofs regardless you want two-storey or single-storey extension.

Considerations before Start with Building a Home Extension

Home extension builders have revealed a few of the major considerations before starting with the exact job of extending the home.

Shared Walls

If the extension of your building involves building foundations or digging within only 3meters of the exact boundary, party wall structure, and digging foundations in only 6 meters boundary, your work needs complying with the respective Party Wall Act. 

Access to the Construction Site

At this point, you have to think about various ways, in which deliveries may come to your property at the time of building a home extension. You have to consider different factors i.e. the ways, in which Lorries and trucks will reach your property and unload any of the heavy materials and/or items. You have to determine the storage and parking of tools for the trades.

Demands on Your Existing Services

You should never forget to check your existing services. You should never assume that the heating, electrical systems, and plumbing equipment at your home could cope with heating and lighting extra space. For instance, when you go to replace the boiler, you have to search for alternatives, like for instance under a floor heating system.

Additional Aspects to Consider

You should consider a few of the additional aspects before you should start the extension plan. These are conditions of the soil in your chosen construction site, surrounding trees, services, history related to flooding problems, and rights of the way.


You should make sure availing the necessary warranties from the home extension builders. The warranty will cover different things, like faulty workmanship and structural defects in a property. The guarantee or warranty is important for property owners, as it covers the expense related to putting the things right, which have happened wrong.

Insurance Policy

You should notify the insurance company about the extension job on your property. A few of them may not give you coverage during the construction work. Others give fully dedicated extension-related insurance products. 

Finding the Services of a Builder

Once you make sure of each of the aforementioned aspects, you have to perform the most important task i.e. finding competent home extension builders. You should keep in mind that you need to get on with the professional builder during the complete phase of your project. For this, you should look for valuable recommendations from local area people and from the internet. Besides, you should communicate with existing clients of a builder. Along with this, you have to make sure that your chosen builder has large numbers of contractors and gives insurance to a wide range of construction-related risks.

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