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Carbide milling cutters are pretty amazing tools. They can power through materials as hard as steel in seconds, creating precision cuts to create the components you need. Sadly, no tool lasts forever and eventually your workhorse end mills are going to start losing their sharp cutting edges. Once a particular milling cutter’s tool life has run out, you are going to be left with a hole in your carbide end mill set. In order to find a tool to replace it, you need to find a quality manufacturer that makes their tools from sturdy solid carbide stock. Luckily for you, Online Carbide is here to help.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of carbide cutting tools. They use precision 5 axis CNC grinders to create incredible tools from high quality tungsten carbide stock. They produce a wide range of tools including end mills, drill bits, center drills, and more. If you are looking for great tools from a US brand, you cannot go wrong with their carbide tools.

The reason carbide is such a great material for creating tools is the fact that it is harder and more dense than steel. However in its raw form tungsten carbide is a grey powdered ceramic. In order to take advantage of this ceramics materials strength and durability, it has to be combined with a metal. Tool carbide is a sintered material which is formed by suspending powdered tungsten carbide in cobalt metal. The resulting material has the strength of metal, but the amazing edge retention and cutting power of a ceramic.

There are other popular materials used to create high speed milling cutters such as high speed steel alloys. Sadly these alloys are susceptible to the same issues as other metal tools, namely the ability to lose their temper. Metal tools have to be tempered to retain their hardness. This process is achieved using specific heating and cooling processes. If a tool gets too hot, it can lose its temper and the cutting edges will soften, leading to premature tool failure.

Carbide does not require tempering. Ceramic is essentially just as stable and hard at high temperatures as it is at room temperature. This makes it the perfect material for any application involving high speed machining, as it is very difficult to get these tools to reach a temperature that would negatively impact their hardness and edge retention.

Online Carbide has a great selection of end mills and drill bits. Their current inventory includes square end mills, ball end mills, full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, variable end mills, end mills for aluminum, 6 flute end mills, chamfer mills, drill mills, center drills, spot drills, stub drills, and jobber drills. All of their tools are made to precise tolerances and they are designed to last longer and work faster than metal tools. They are also constantly looking to expand their line of tools so you might just find some new tools on their site next time you visit.

Any of their tools is a great option to replace the worn out tools in your carbide end mill set. They are also only available direct from the Online Carbide website so you never have to worry about middleman markup. Yes, you will pay manufacturer direct prices on every order you place, with free ground shipping on all orders over $250. If you have any questions about their tools or their ordering process, you can reach out to a member of the Online carbide team by calling 630-238-1424 or emailing

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