Complete Style Guide: How To Wear Cool Denim Jeans And Boots

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Unstoppable duos like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, we have another great duo, boots, and jeans! There was a time when skinny jeans were the only denim acceptable to wear with ankle booties. With the flood in trends of boots and jeans, now there is a variety of jeans and ankle booties available in Texas boutiques to style your best this fall and winter. 

A popular question asked by many is how to wear jeans with booties? As some bootie styles look best with distressed hem while others are meant to be only poking out beneath flare leg jeans, and some of the sturdy black booties pair well with any jeans. 

Let’s know how you can style your cool denim jeans with different styles of booties in 2020.

Skinny jeans with a pop of color booties

Skinny jeans have been common in fashion for years and you absolutely have in your capsule wardrobe 2020. Combine distressed jeans with shoesbrought up many assumptions in style. The most combination is you should tuck the hem of your skinny jeans down into the top of booties. This style works perfectly for knee-high and over-the-knee booties, but it does not work with ankle booties. If you tuck the hem of your jeans down in ankle booties, the hem may come untucked as you sit or walk, or you may have a puddle of denim at your ankle that you are constantly adjusting. And do you want that?

The ideal combo is when your jeans’ hem is at the top of your booties or just a little skin showing, but you can’t have different length jeans, right? So the best solution is a cuff. Cuff your jeans so that the hem grazes the top when you are standing still, and as you sit, it will show a little skin. This style works for any skinny jeans, whether it’s ripped or slim boyfriend jeans. 

You can also wear impractical booties; if you own bright color booties or animal print booties, then make it the statement portion of your outfit, don’t hide them. Try out this leopard bootie with the distressed skinny jeans and top for a style statement look. 

Flare leg jeans with heel booties

Flare jeans are worn longer, so it’s not about cuffing the jeans. But what to combine with flare jeans? The most comfortable way is to wear them with a slim shaft that goes up under the jeans’ leg. Sock booties are best, but it can work with any booties. You can perfectly style heeled booties with flowy jeans. Only the point is that the hem of jeans doesn’t get you caught on top of your booties as you walk. 

And you need to take care while pairing as they should be long so that the front hem reaches the top of your booties near your toes and the back hem is midway down the heel. It should not be so long that it drags on the floor. We are in an age of fashion where the top of the things with ankle heeled booties and wide-leg denim styling it with turtleneck tops and long oversized coats.

Cropped jeans with wedge booties

Cropped straight or flare jeans are on-trend, and they look pretty cute. Booties that are snug to your ankle look best with cropped jeans. If you aren’t a fan of heels, then motorcycle booties are your favorite ones. Style it with skinny cropped jeans that are about to hit above the ankle. These booties aren’t meant to be draped with excess denim and are very comfortable to wear. 

Don’t wear cropped jeans too short as showing over an inch of skin look not good and depict that your jeans are very short. Try out these wedge booties with your favorite and comfortable cropped jeans, and style them with your flowy top for an eye-catching relaxing look.

Straight leg jeans with slouchy booties

Straight-leg jeans are a term that is tossed around with jeans. Brands didn’t always mean the same thing; for some, it is skinny jeans that don’t hug your ankle super tight, or to others, it’s a consistent length all the way, and many other brands fall somewhere in between. You can find out if your jeans are straight leg or not by taking the bottom hem and folding it up to the top till the knee. If it has the same width, then it’s a straight leg; if it’s wider, then it’s more of a boot. 

If you have a pair of slouchy booties, you can style it with straight-leg jeans. Tuck your jeans on to the top of slouchy booties and let those shine. You can try out a whole denim look with slouchy booties to create a fold on fold look with straight leg jeans.

Wrapping it up:

Booties with denim jeans give you infinite options to wear and style them differently, but it is an overwhelming task for newbies. Jeans and boots are the popular outfits chosen by everyone, but it is not as simple to wear them as owning both of them. Take a complete style guide on how you can pair different boots with different jeans styles and make them look trendy and stylish. If you are looking for a fantastic trendy collection of jeans and boots, Texas boutiques have the best of them you can try on.

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