Common Sports Injuries and How to Steer Clear of Them

Accidents and sports injuries are the two most common reasons why people head to a physiotherapy clinic in Dubai. Those who are into sports, they are likely to suffer from one injury or the other, as sports are physically demanding. And the body has to endure a lot of stress and trauma, which also increases the chances of getting injured.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Normally, sports injuries occur due to improper or poor technique, overtraining, and lack of conditioning. The body needs to warm up before exercise or sports. Getting into it without warming up the body increases the risks of you getting injured.

Common sports injuries include bruises, broken bones, sprains, strains, and tears. Soft tissues such as bursae, ligaments, muscles, and fascia get affected in sports injuries.

No matter how good of a shape you keep yourself in, when you are into sports, getting injured is pretty common. Here are some sports injuries and how you can prevent or treat them:

1.   Achilles Tendinitis

Overusing the back of the ankle, called the Achilles Tendon, leads to Achilles Tendinitis. It can cause severe pain and inflammation. The best way to prevent this injury is by strengthening exercises for the calf muscles and stretching. If you get this injury, opt for RICE.

It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate along with anti-inflammatories. Before you begin running or exercising again, make sure that it has fully healed.

2.   Ankle Sprain

It is common for players to sprain their ankles while playing sports that require quick turning and a lot of running, such as football and baseball. The key is to strengthen your ankle as much as you can. Again, RICE is the best form of treatment paired with anti-inflammatories. Gradually, as the pain subsides, try to move your ankle to help with blood circulation.

3.   Concussion

Hitting your head somewhere or suffering a blow to the head causes a concussion. This leads one to feel disoriented and dizziness. The best way to prevent this injury is to avoid all contact sports. Concussions require both times and rest to fully recover along with medications.

4.   Groin Strain

When athletes make a sudden change in their direction while running, they can get this injury. And this happens to be one of the worst sports injuries as it’s quite painful. The best advice for preventing it is through stretching your body. To heal from a groin strain, it is recommended to rest and take it easy for some time. Anti-inflammatory medication and RICE can help.

5.   Pulled Muscle

It is most common for calves and hamstrings to get pulled. And it can be quite a painful rendering it difficult for the person who sustained this injury to carry out their daily activities. The best way to prevent such issues is to stretch your body properly. If your muscle gets pulled, do gentle stretches and try RICE.

6.   Runner’s Injuries

Knee injuries are among the most common sports injuries. Athletes and professionals often suffer from runner’s injury. And these injuries are usually treated by orthopedic surgeons. The best way to prevent yourself from this injury is by replacing your running shoes and insoles regularly.

If you get injured, a wise option would be to skip exercise/sports for a few days and take some anti-inflammatory medicine.

7.   Shin Splints

This injury occurs due to the muscle inflammation that surrounds the inner side of the shine bones. Stretching and wearing good shoes is your best bet to prevent it. Apply ice to the injury area, stretch, and take anti-inflammatory medicines.

8.   Shoulder Injury

There are many sports where there is a risk of getting shoulder injuries. The key is to stretch properly before you exercise and, of course, warm-up. It is better to take a break if it gets uncomfortable.

9.   Tennis Elbow

7% of sports injuries involve elbows. And the best prevention tips include RICE, anti-inflammatories, and physiotherapies.

The best way to avoid getting injured in sports is by preparing your body. Warming up, stretching, and hydration is extremely important. As discussed above, sports happen to be demanding and take a toll on your body. Thus, it is important to know about these issues and how one can treat them.

You can consult a physiotherapist or in some cases, getting a sports massage in Dubai could do wonders in alleviating your pain and restoring easy movement. Physiotherapy and massages are a great way to help you function effectively as you were doing so before getting injured.

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