Common myths about the logo that ruin your design

Common myths about the logo that ruin your design

No matter you have a startup or a large scale business, logos are something which everyone should have. It will be the brand’s identity and through that, they will be recognized. 

A logo is something which will be observed firstly by the visitors. Make sure you have designed it properly and it’s visually appealing. A well-designed business logo design will be much more memorable and highlight your brand among plenty of others. 

Well, when it comes to logo design. It’s full of misconceptions. Every day you may hear some myths that may sometimes force you to change your logo. There are no other design elements that are misunderstood other than the logo. Designers should be aware of these myths otherwise it will break your custom logo. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the most popular misconceptions about logos. 

01. Should reflect what the company does

One of the biggest myths in the design industry. Custom logo is the identity of the company, no need to reflect what the company does. Those things can be easily conveyed through marketing and advertising. 

Even if you try to do this, then neither you will be able to get the user’s attention nor it will satisfy your requirement. So, understand the demand of the logo and design it which becomes your identity. 

Take an example of the Apple logo, they don’t have to deal with real apples. Still, they have used it and are able to make it widely popular. Hence, make sure you keep in mind this myth before designing a logo. 

02. It must be timeless

Another myth which designers encounter while making a business logo design. However, it’s not possible to make the logo timeless. The design industry keeps changing, and every day you may see a lot of updates on it. 

You might don’t know what would be the best solution after the years. So, you can not intentionally create timeless logos. Just make sure it’s designed with the most suitable elements. 

There are very few companies which have timeless custom logos, otherwise even many multinational companies like Apple, IBM, Coca Cola and a lot more. So, make sure your logo can never be timeless and stay aware of this myth. 

03. Should include the symbol

Today, you might see a lot of types of logos. There is no need to include symbols in the logo design. It also does not mean that the logo includes symbols but there is no such rule of thumb to add it. 

Even the companies can’t include relevant symbols in it. Sometimes adding symbols looks outdated, that’s why many companies don’t prefer to have it. Custom logos can be just the name or the initials of the brand name as well if it’s properly designed. 

For example, you can observe the logo of Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, and many other companies that have global recognition without adding symbols to it. So, don’t come into this myth to add symbols in the logo. 

04. Logo should likable

The primary purpose of the custom logo is recognition in the market. It must successfully create a brand identity. 

It’s not required that your logo should be likable by all the viewers. Everyone has their own choice, and everything can not be incorporated into logo design. Your logo must be memorable, no matter how you have created. Until and unless it’s unique and creative, your logo is completely fine. The London Olympics logo is a perfect example of the ugliest even being a sports event. 

Thus, utilize your creativity to make the logo extraordinary although it’s not likable, it’s the best solution for the organization. 

05. Hidden meaning

When it comes to business logo design, most designers try to make it meaningful. But the fact is that it’s not at all required to have meaning in the logo. However, there are many popular brands’ logos with hidden meanings, still there is no such strict rule you have that. 

No doubt, it’s interesting to see meaningful logos and even it lets you attract more customers easily. The designer’s creativity must be shown in the logo. By much more emphasis on making it meaningful, you might lose the unique sign that should be in the logo. So, don’t focus too much on logos with some message. 

Wrapping up

Designers need to keep themselves aware of the misconception in the market and which one is the correct solution. Otherwise, it will completely ruin the design. The above-mentioned points clearly define what type of myth should be kept in mind.

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