Common Mistakes People Make while Building Granny Flat

Many people consider buying separate property and hiring luxury home builders in Sydney to define their lifestyle. It is a great way to turn a dream house into reality. However, if have a well-designed house, and need additional space for a growing family, elderly parents, or nannies, a granny flat makes the best choice. You can have a granny flat for a home office, nannies, hobby room, elderly parents, or even if you need privacy from the naughty and noisy kids.

Granny Flat

Granny flat refers to a self-contained apartment created in a separate area from the main house. This mini house includes all the amenities that are required to accommodate one to 2 persons. It can be detached or attached to the main building. Usually, the granny flat contains a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and a kitchen. These are popular choices for aging people as well as young adults as they help attain independence even while remaining close to family for support and comfort.

Buildinga Granny Flat- Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Granny flats are known with different names like accessory dwelling units, secondary suites, and granny pods as well. The reasons that make a granny flat a great choice includes additional space, increase in property value, extra income, and facelifting of property. However, before you build a granny flat, it is essential to know about the common mistakes you need to avoid. The list of the mistakes includes

  • Not Paying Attention to Government Regulations

For building a granny flat, the conditions and regulations vary from state to other states. Before starting the project ensure you have a discussion with the local authority. The authority would wish to ascertain that the project meets the different regulations like height, environment plan, the total area covered, floor space ratios, etc. Ignoring the regulations would put you on the law’s wrong side as well as terminate the building project prematurely.

  • Not Having a Budget

One of the major mistakes that homeowners make while building a granny flat is that not having a budget. You might put pressure on the builder to turn the project in case she/ he feels the budget is tight to complete the project. Deciding on the budget alone could be a bit hard, working with professional valuers can help you in case you have a vision in mind. This would help you avoid unexpected costs and build a budget that meets your expectations.

  • Failing to Plan

Failing to plan is one of the major mistakes. You need a clear written plan before you call a granny flat builder. Here are the key points that need to consider while planning

  • How many projects would cost?
  • How to maximize the granny flat’s energy?
  • Is the design acceptable to the local authority?
  • Is the builder reputable?
  • Would the building have a good resale value?
  • Failing to Check Qualification of Builder

Before you hire any of the popular granny flat builders, it is important to check if they are qualified to handle the project. It is advised to employ a builder who belongs to a reputed trade organization. You need to hire a builder who possesses enough experience as well as provides a variety of designs. Do not forget to check the license and the validity of the license.

Along with the qualification as well as the license of the builder, ensure you check for reviews, reputable references, and insurance. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Having insurance coverage would assure that you would receive compensation in case anything goes wrong. For instance, if any of the technicians suffer an injury while working on your project, insurance would cover the employee and he/ she would get medical attention. Therefore, ensure you check the terms and conditions of insurance before signing the contract.

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