Common Causes and Things You Need to Do to Avoid Blocked Drains

Unfortunately, some of the things and factors responsible for blocking the drains are very unlucky to deal with. For that, homeowners need to call a professional Blocked Drains Hampton immediately. There will most likely be signs of the blockage before a major event occurs in a home. These include improper drainage of water or the stench coming from the toilet and drowning and can be coloured or smelly. Now you are faced with the fact that it is better to hire a team of Blocked Drains Cheltenham experts who will help reduce re-blocking chances.

Here we focus on the most common causes that cause and what you can do to avoid or deal with them.

Blocked by toiletries: 

As more and more people get into the habit of disposing of Toiletries under the sewers, there is a big problem with our pipes and sewers. Such objects are submerged in water, they absorb and enlarge moisture, blocking the rapid entry of water gutters and pipes. Therefore, these items should be taken out with your trash, as people should use designated bins when using public changing rooms and toilets. If it’s too late, come and book a qualified plumber Blocked Drains Cheltenham to clear the obstruction.

Blocked Drains Cheltenham

Blocked by Hair:

Hair is one of the most common causes of blocked drains, mostly in the shower or on the body sink and in the bathroom. The homeowner can remove this obstacle by pulling it with a gloved hand to prevent a small amount of hair from getting damaged. However, if you cannot reach, it is time to talk to a Blocked Drains Williamstown specialist.

Blocked by oil and grease build-up:  

Like hair in the bathroom, grease and oil will build-up in the kitchen sink over time. These fatty substances are a common cause of blocked gutters and pipes and can be a nuisance to get out. Avoid these, instead of pouring this oil or grease into the kitchen under the drain, put it in a small glass or plastic container to dispose of your waste.

Blocked by tissue and toilet paper:

Got a runny nose or remove makeup or use wet tissue? By all means, using all the tissues can sometimes cause a clogged toilet. When flushing in large quantities or lumps, there is a very difficult time to break the toilet paper.

It’s no secret that you only have to put your used tissue in the trash. If it’s too late and a mistake you’ve already made, call a plumbing specialist right away to make sure your strip isn’t causing more serious damage.

Blocked by food waste:

Food waste should never come down the drain, even if you have waste disposed of in your sink. Instead, arrange compost piles to get rid of food waste.

Bottom Lines:

If you are unable to prevent blocked drains from forming, never try to fix the problem yourself. Given that there are more complex causes of blocked, you will need to call the Plumber Blocked Drain Cheltenham team, who have enough experience and have the necessary equipment to help diagnose the problem and fix it accordingly plumbing emergency.

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